My New poem “Love Me Like A Luna“ Now On Spillwords

petals drop from hazel eyes
moonbeams dust, cleaning skies
sleepy mushrooms deny they snore
vester bats taste an array of insects, then soar

honeysuckle nectar, kiss sweet
archaic willow oaks veil my treat
two hearts beat, amending our weather
heating up, whiffs of lavender and leather

his vest opens, wildflowers skip
naked, I bite my trembling red lip
luna moths mating, a vast debt to pay
death, for one evening in which, as two, we lay

Photo Found on Pinterest – Etsy

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58 thoughts on “My New poem “Love Me Like A Luna“ Now On Spillwords

    1. David thank you so much for reading and your support this morning. Your comment is like finding a four leaf clover. So nice to hear from you. Hope you and your beautiful wife (muse) is well and that you two are up to wonderful things. Blessings and big hugs to you both. Joni ❤️

      1. Thank you abundantly, Joni 🙏
        Linda keeps me busy as she’s
        always finding things for me to
        do, so I guess you could say we
        are fully occupied. I keep teller
        her that if it wasn’t for the fact
        that I love her 💖 I’d be gainfully
        unemployed 😎

      2. Well praise Our Great Lord that you two are together and she keeps you busy. We are both blessed to have a spouse we love. Please give her a hug for me. She has got a handful with a very talented man. ❤️🦋🤗🥰🌹

    1. Thank you so much my friends from Valencia. I appreciate your reading and your kind words. May you both have a truly blessed and wonderful weekend. Love from us both here in North Carolina. ❤️

    1. Anca thank you so much for reading my piece and this very gracious comment. May your weekend and your family be blessed. I just love talking to people from all over the world, it is such a blessing to have a connection with people in România.

    1. Thank you so much KK for reading and your kind words. These creatures are so beautiful and the female only lives for about 48 hours. She lays her fertilized eggs and dies. They are magnificent. We have been blessed by seeing them mating on our porch now two years in a row. Nature is such a beautiful gift. Have a blessed weekend my friend, sending lots of hugs, Joni

      1. Thanks a lot, Joni for giving additional information. Nature and its creatures, both living and non-living are awesome. You too have a great weekend, Joni! Much love to you 💞

      2. You are right KK. Our world is full of such beauty and I feel so blessed. Thank you and you enjoy your weekend my dear friend also, much love and many blessings to you. ❤️

    1. Thank you so glad there were things that spoke to you in there. You are a sweetheart, thank you my friend. I appreciate the kind comment and wishing lots of love and hugs. Have a wonderful weekend too. ❤️ Joni

    1. Dearest Terveen thank you for not only reading this piece but for your beautiful comment. I appreciate your kind heart always and your wonderful support. Blessings and hugs, hope you get time to have some fun this weekend. ❤️

  1. Nature has a few of these “tragic” short lived romances…Thinking of the octopus after it gives birth and many insects that are just here to continue their line..There is some beauty in that too..and you describe the scene so perfectly, with a compassionate eye and a non judgemental love of Nature. Your description is precious and you honor their dance of destiny.. I loved this Joni and sent a little heart to you on Spillwords…and here is one for you too:) Much love, Kari ❤️

    1. Oh what a sweet comment Kari! You are right about the Luna and it is hard not to feel a bit sad for her but I know it is God’s plan in nature. What a sweet way of describing this and no I would never judge the way God blessed us with nature even though you are right it does seem a bit cruel some times. It is just life. We actually were blessed with watching two sets of Luna’s two years in a row. They are rarely seen mating. Sure enough late morning my husband went out to check and her beautiful wings were in pieces close by. Thank you for leaving me two hearts, how sweet of you. I am sending you much love and appreciating my dear friend. Big hugs and love Joni ❤️

    1. Thank you dear friend. I sure appreciate your kind words. You are such a supportive friend, I am blessed by your kindness. Hope you have a truly wonderful and relaxing weekend. Great big hugs, ❤️

      1. You’re very welcome, Joni…thank you for your lovely wishes…enjoy the moments…much love ✨❤️✨

    1. Thank you so much for reading my work Anna it means so much to me. This moth is just so beautiful and only lives long enough to mate. So hard to every see that event. We have been blessed to see it twice and I have photos but they just are not as good as those on line. They were on the porch screen for just under 48 hours and they were together. I am glad you enjoyed it. God has created so many beautiful and unique creatures and we are so blessed to see them. Many will be gone in the next twenty years. Hopefully the young will turn things around. It is in the 80’s here for the last two days. Anna I send to you my love and prayers. I hope it is not too cold where you are. Great big hugs Anna

    1. Thank you Cindy, hope you left me some love! I am glad you enjoyed the poem. Those moths are very special, the females entire life is to mate and then die. She is so beautiful and large. I know I am sorry about the following issue I don’t know why that is happening. It is happening to me too. People I have followed since, well when I had people to follow me, I am having to refollow them in order to comment. It is nothing I am doing. I do appreciate refollowing me. It is embarrassing as I worry people will think I have unfollowed them. I have never unfollowed anyone on WP. I have on instagram but that is when I have seen an organ one morning. I let out a yell and Scott came running in and I said look what can I do. That hasn’t happened to me since. Sorry Cindy for the inconvenience and for taking the extra time that means a lot. Sending you lots of love, hugs, and appreciation. Joni

  2. Nature is so bizarre! Beautifully written and expressed Joni! I have often wondered if insects have emotions of love or hate, I don’t want to think they are only here to procreate!

    1. Thank you for reading Tiffany and your lovely comment. The insect world is a delicate one. I know the Luna doesn’t have a mouth or digestive system. It literally is here to mate. I can just visualize a science fiction novel brewing. Tiffany I wanted to tell you that the black and white flower you had on instagram with your photographs was truly beautiful. Also your latest painting reminded me of that flower. Sometimes I don’t think you realize what an amazing eye you have. Your photographs always get to me. You see things others would pass right over. You are a talented painter but your photography is truly beautiful also my friend. big hugs and love

    1. Thank you Allan. They are the most magnificent creatures. I feel blessed that we were able to see to Luna moths mating on our screen porch. They are very large and so beautiful. Thank you for reading and your kind comment. I hope you two can get your driveway cleared of snow so at least you can get out and about. Big hugs, Joni

    1. Thank you so much Kritika. What a lovely way to describe this poem, so nicely put. Thank you so much for reading me at SpillWords as well. Sending big hugs and blessings on your day and week a head. Joni

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