Rum and Robots

(my daughter commissioned this beautiful artwork from an artist in Seattle, of White Lake in North Carolina, as a precious gift for me) – Artist name is Fran Holt please visit – you can see her work here

We Survived And Arrived – Now As Warriors We Thrive

First, thank you so much for visiting my blog, a work in progress, as am I!  My prayer is that you will find this blog to be a beneficial resource, including helpful links and countless words of encouragement.  I also hope that my true stories will provide a means in which you can genuinely relate.  Knowing that you are not alone can be one of the first and most helpful facts on your path to recovery.  It certainly meant the world to me!

Growing up isolated, as many of us do, we somehow comprehend that we are different.  However, we don’t really understand why or even how we are unique.  Hopefully you will soon fully appreciate that your heart may still be tender at times, but that you are a true warrior!

I am writing this blog also to impart how I believe Adult Children cannot only persist but can grow up to become productive, significant and happy adults who create a noteworthy difference in this world.

We can shatter the rotating circle of chaos which can be our horrific nemesis and instead, we can be victorious.  We can even be blessed with children who lead story book lives that we can be proud of, lives we never could have imagined living ourselves.

My ability to survive my childhood and early adulthood came from my never-ending faith and love for God and his son, Jesus Christ.  Thankfully, my mother imparted her faith to me during her precious and few sober moments.

In order to survive a life full of mental, physical and sexual abuse within the home I lived in, I clung to my faith.  God continues to be the one consistent life-preserver, which is still always within my reach.  Grabbing onto that gift, which keeps my head above water and my heart afloat even during the hard times today, I am so grateful for His love!

I am appreciative for all the priceless books, therapists, groups and specialists that are available to help Adult Children of Alcoholics (ACoA).  It is an absolute that we collectively understand that we do belong, we are strong and we unequivocally do matter!