Wedding Day

Staring at an unfamiliar image in a mirror, she no longer recognized her reflection. Deep wrinkles creating a widespread and complex map of time. Once journeyed heartrending pathways creating deep etches in her skin like an unearthed and yet once known cavern, which yearned for discovery, love, and peace. Her diminishing and twisted leathered skin … Continue reading Wedding Day


The ancient oak spread devotedly             Her massive and protective arms Just above the slow-moving, water blue. For more than a millenium she had watchfully             And eagerly provided a safe shelter for                         All of nature’s friends she loved and knew.  Rough was her etched bark and strong knots              Which lived intricately woven within                         The network of … Continue reading Fortress


Quiet was my stride as I gently felt the earth give beneath my small feet. Tranquil was the pond that lay before me, no fluctuation in her tacit flow, Splendor lay within her serene existence as I tried to relish her view, What life might be flourishing, or singing, underneath her cover blue? Tall ornamental … Continue reading CALMNESS


Curious was the cool breeze and subdued temperatures of the morning, No steam on windows within the house locking out my view of life, Deer tasted sweet grass, while squirrels climbed vigilantly up the post, To steal seed placed there for the multitude of birds visiting to partake. Was fall flirtatiously knocking at nature's door … Continue reading August