Day 8 Photo Challenge

  Remember the Ten Day Travel Photo Challenge was to get ten photographers to participate if possible.   So for day eight, nine and ten, I challenge any photographer to join in.   If any of the nominees don’t have time to participate, I understand, as we are all busy doing what we do.  Regardless […]

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Day 7 – Photo Challenge

I have nominated Louis Dallara who is an amazing photographer.  He has already posted a variety of photographs today that are incredibly beautiful.  Please don’t miss them.  His  photograph of an angel I believe is glorious, especially given the season.  Remember the Ten Day Travel Photo Challenge was to get ten photographers to participate if […]

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Travel Photo Challenge Day 5

    Welcome to day five of The Ten Day Travel Photo Challenge.  Remember it is ten days, ten photos and ten nominees.  I am nominating an amazing nature photographer who I met this year blogging.  Please look through her beautiful photographs.  Her name is Lynette.   If any of the nominees don’t have time to […]

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Travel Photo Challenge Day 2

My fellow friend, blogger and incredibly talented man, Francisco Bravo Cabrera, has nominated me to participate in the “Ten Day Travel Challenge.”  Francisco is a multi-talented poet, musician, photographer and painter.  Please check his work Omnia Caelum . . . Poetry, Art and Music.  I must nominate others to continue this challenge if they so desire. […]

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Riding The Years of Love

feeling you as the stars are heating our passionate nest with fiery embersreflecting on our youthful skin, and secret crimson frolics with intensitychambers in my heart, beating fast, lay unrestricted by your touchglutinous boundaries of cerulean I sail windlessly through as I clutchmy chest, like your love, at times, is so consuming, it is too […]

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Lonely Maple

binding myself in utter nakedness to your trunkcolors calling to me like the flute upon your lipsancient maple oozing sap now clinging to my armsamid my breast, it falls, saturating my fiery blooddivulging her centuries of secrets, we both weepfires, poison fumes, and humans create her sorrowlast, in this primal forest, for the others are […]

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I Dream of Mom and Dad

The sun was setting on my back, delighting me with fall whispersTrails of auburn and ginger colors left kisses of white ribbons on my skinAn anole wiggled with his last taste of energy behind dried leavesI heard a lone saxophone from an outdoor restaurant crying high notesThat is when I saw her, she was young […]

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Secrets of Savannah

timeworn, grey hair hangs curly by your wrinkled sideswhich weave lines much like an old map of forgotten placeslow to the ground as your limbs stretch outfrom your vast insides where your substance layand the truth of your years we can easily seefor your secrets will never be in season, sweet SavannahI sit at a […]

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