Photography by Joni

Haiti,  The Beauty of a Village Giving Way to Flood Waters

Taken with Nikon CoolPix L3


Savannah, GA including Forsyth Park 



DSCN1129Angel In Forsyth ParkDSCN1145DSCN1182PickFlowers

Magnolia Plantation and Gardens in Charleston, SC 

Playing in the Water A Gift of a Statue
Beautiful Bronze Statue a Young Woman Playing in Water
The White Bridge In Magnolia Gardens
Magnolia Gardens White Bridge – Still Waters
Red Bridge at Magnolia Plantation Bursting in Glorious Color
The Great Cypress Trees
Standing Tall the Egret with it’s White Plumage and Dark Legs
A Beautiful Angel Amongst the Brick
Magnolia Gardens Protected and Angelic Path

Biltmore Estate in Asheville, NC 

Front Shot of the Biltmore Estate
Statue at Biltmore Estate
Beautiful Old Red Bridge on the Estate
Woman and Child Statue on The Biltmore Grounds
Lily Pad Garden in Pond on Estate with Morning Blooms of Red Color
The Last Glimpses of Daylight on a Beautiful Statue on Grounds of the Biltmore
An Upper View of The Enormous Estate and Our Flag Swaying Gentle in the Morning Breeze
Pictures Property of Joni Caggiano – All photographs taken with Olympus E-520 Digital SLR Camera

103 thoughts on “Photography by Joni

    1. Wow you have made my day. Thank you for the very gracious comment. I use my photos for pairing with my poetry. I am flattered. Looking forward to reading your work. Have a truly blessed day. Love 💕 Joni

      1. I’m happy to make your day! I confess to a bit of envy, because when I want a photo to compliment my poem I have to use Pixabay 🙂 Blessings to you–we’re almost at the weekend!! <3

      2. I am sure God has blessed you with so many gifts. I enjoy all the photos that people find that are perfect for their post, thanks again and have a blessed weekend. Love your sister in Christ. Joni

    1. Thank you so much my sister. I appreciate your kind words and am humbled by them. I really enjoy reading your honest words, they are uplifting. Have a blessed weekend and great Sabbath. Love Joni

  1. Love your statue photos Joni if you have anymore like that that you havent showcased already, I’d love to showcase one in a future issue of The Finest Example

    1. Thank you my friend. You are very kind. I am a bit of an amateur but I think God did give me an eye. Have a blessed and amazing weekend. Love 💕 Joni

  2. Some lovely shots here, Joni. It’s always great to see places you will never likely be able to visit as an individual. I particularly like the shots of the flooded areas, and those of the various statues.

    1. Thank you Stuart, you are very kind. That is how I feel about your photography, I get to experience some of the historic beauty that I too, will likely never get to visit. Thank you for visiting I appreciate it. I consider myself to be a novice photographer, unlike many of the photographers I follow including you. I haven’t devoted the time and energy to get really good at it. I am working on my poetry and believe that to be where my talent lies. I do love to take pictures of nature though and will continue to do so. Thanks again for your kind comments. I like statues as well. Love and hugs Joni

      1. I had the advantage of an early education in how to use a camera from my stepdad, then I was a photographer in the RAF, and worked for a while as a graphics technician in an art college. I’ve had illustrated articles published in the UK photographic press, as well as some overseas. And I was a press pohotgrapher for a while, so I have a good background in the subject. It takes time to learn the technicalities of photography, and I’m still learning about a new piece of software I bought recently to edit my digital images.
        Carry on taking your pictures; nothing like experience as an educator. And you should be proud of your peotry; that’s an area I’m trying to learn, too!
        Keep well and stay sfe.

      2. Thank you so much Stuart. It sounds like you have had both extensive training and experience. Also it sounds like you have had lots of publications. Thanks for the kind words concerning my poetry. You write beautifully, the description/poem about your photography was amazing. I will keep up with learning photography. Love and hugs Joni

  3. If I could be presumptious and offer one piece of advice, Joni. When framing a picture through the viefinder, or on the camera screen(whichever option you choose) the common habit is to place the subject centrally. There is a proportional rule in art, that relates to all 2 dimentional pictures; It’s the ‘rule of thirds’. If you imagine your picture space is divided into a grid with three horizontal and three vertical lines, you’ll have 9 smaller spaces in your picture area. If you place your main subject on one of the intersections a third from the picture edge, you’ll produce a more visually pleasing composition. If you look at how my ‘paths’ are generally leading to a point a third of the way across the picture, you’ll see what I mean. I hope I’ve explained that so it’s comprehensible. Ideally, it needs a diagram to show what I mean. Here’s a link that explains it much more effectively:,and%20more%20interesting%20and%20dynamic

    1. Thank you Stuart. I. appreciate your support and advice. I will read the article and see if I understand it. It is kind of you to take the time to explain this. Have a great day. Hugs 🤗 Joni

    2. I watched the video and read the article. I will be honest this surprised me. I am going to have to play around with my camera and see what I can learn. Thanks a bunch Stuart I am excited to practice. Love to you and yours. Joni

      1. Enjoy the process, Joni. At least with a digital camera you’re not spending a fortune on film, so you can take as many pics as you like and then just keep those that most please you.

      2. Hi Stuart, You are right about the digital camera, I remember when I use to get photos developed, it does get expensive. Thanks again, I know I need to take some classes and maybe I will after COVID is not an everyday word. My husband actually explained your words by using the window panes. That was also helpful. Thanks again Stuart. Love Joni

  4. My first camera was rollfilm model that took only 8 pictures on a roll, so I had to be very careful how I took each picture (My only income at 13 was from a paper round and 1 film cost a third of my weekly wage!). You might benefit from joining a local photography club (but beware, some of those clubs can be pretty competitive and downright brutal in their criticism of beginners).
    It’s good your husband was able to understand the principles and explain it – love the use of the windows for that! Keep that shutter clicking.

    1. Wow you started on your talent early, the same time I seriously started working on poetry. Those photos were really precious to you I can imagine. I don’t care for brutal criticism, I prefer to have suggestions and helpful tips like you shared. I will eventually take some classes. There never seems to be enough days. I will keep that shutter clicking my friend. Have a great week Stuart. Hugs, Joni

      1. I think you are right about that Stuart. By the way we have a very large bunny that lives in our back yard and he was out this morning. I had a great subject to practice my new method of taking photos. Have a blessed day my friend. Love and hugs to you and your wife. Joni

    1. Thank you my friend. You have a really nice blog and I wish I had more time to read everything I wanted to and still have time to write. However I am going to start reading more of your post. You have practical wisdom about you and I love the format in which you share it. When I was young growing up, your blog would have been such a source of comfort for me. I am glad you are here and sharing with others. Love to you and yours. ❤️💕Joni

      1. Thank you so much for your kind and amazing words, Joni. It means a lot to me, and is such a motivation to me to keep writing.
        Stay blessed. 🙏❤

      2. You are welcome. Young people are blessed with resources like yours today. I am grateful for that. Also it affirmation for me which is healthy for me. A blessing please do keep helping others with your posts. Hugs 🤗 Joni

      3. If you don’t mind, Joni, I would like to know if you are interested in sharing those images as a guest post for my blog.
        I absolutely love the photos. ❤

      4. Of course that is very flattering and I would be honored. I have never really thought of myself as a serious photographer but I would be honored to be your guest. The first picture is not focused and was never meant to be there. Let me get rid of that one first as I didn’t take that photograph as I am in it. Thank you I will fix this now. My little autobiography is short. There is one in Spillwords, thefinestexamble and Vita Brevis Press, or let me know if you want me to send you something. This is very kind of you. Thank you for making my day. Love 💕 Joni

      5. Wow!
        I’m over the moon.
        It would be a great pleasure to have you as a guest, Joni.
        You can send me a link to any of them(your autobiography)
        Thank you so much, Joni.
        You’re very kind. 🙂❤

      6. No the pleasure is all mine. I am truly honored. I will send you my autobiography from here. It is short. Thank you again for this very kind support. Hugs 🤗 Joni

      7. Anita, if you are comfortable with this comment, it is the only thing I can think of to post before my photos. It is a simple quote.
        “It is an honor and a blessing for me to try and portray the splendor of our beautiful earth through the lens of a camera. God has brought forth unimaginable grandeur all around us, and I pray we learn to love and protect this, His offering.”
        Again, Anita I am honored by this kind gesture. Have a blessed Sabbath my friend. Love Joni

        Sorry Anita Sunday is a day where I tried not to be on my account too much. It is a worship day for us.

        I trust you explicitly to name post whatever you would like it to be. Doing this is a gracious gift to me. I will keep my phone by me – my intuition was telling me I had a text from you. Hugs 🤗 Joni

      8. Alright, Joni. Thank you so much.
        Actually, my name is Mary, not Anita. 😊
        The “Anita” you’re referring to was a lady who visited my site, and left a comment in the “About” page. 🙂

      9. Oh well that is embarrassing. Mary is a beautiful name and it is so nice to meet you. It is a blessing to know you Mary. Love 💕 and hugs Joni

      10. Thank you kindly my friend. I am in service right now. I will answer your other question as soon as it is over. Thank you for your kind support and patience. Love 💕 Joni

  5. Anita, if you are comfortable with this comment, it is the only thing I can think of to post before my photos. It is a simple quote.

    “It is an honor and a blessing for me to try and portray the splendor of our beautiful earth through the lens of a camera. God has brought forth unimaginable grandeur all around us, and I pray we learn to love and protect this, His offering.”

    Again, Anita I am honored by this kind gesture. Have a blessed Sabbath my friend. Love Joni

      1. Hello my friend. I would be happy to send you photos if you need them. I have been in a meeting since early this morning and just got out. I should be available the rest of the day. This is very thoughtful of you and so if you would like me to send copies let me know. I hope that you have been well and that all is well with your loved ones too.

        I am excited about your kind post. You are blessing me. ❤️💕 with love Joni

      2. I’m good, Joni. 🙂
        I’m so excited about the post. Never mind about the copies. I was having some difficulties with the photos, but I have them already.
        Thank you so much. ❤

    1. It is in Haiti. It was very tragic. Those were some of the first houses built in a village of huts made with clay and dirt which the villagers and their children live in. When the earthquake ten years ago hit it killed approximately 220K people. It was a 7.0 earthquake. The country is still very devastated. Children are still starving and being sold to help save other children in the same families. Who knows where all the money went to that was donated. The only place I have seen that has done a tremendous amount of work is a place called Love a Child, they have been there more than 20 years. The Hotes Foundation is a self-funded foundation that does not accept donations and they do a lot of work there as well. They have built 500 homes, choosing families that had children with amputations or other severe difficulties. They also sponsor a large village. You can check out both of these sites if you choose too. Have a blessed day and thank you for liking my photos. Love and hugs to you and your loved ones. Joni

    1. Oh thank you my kind Katy. I am an amateur but I still enjoy it. I am feeling your sweet hugs and sending you some back. Give the dragons a kiss for me. Love y’all, and really I appreciate it. ❤️💕🤗😘🦋🐉🐉❤️Joni

      1. My pleasure! I tried to kiss the dragons for You but they want to do it themselves so should be showing up around noon, laden with fairy-dust cheesecakes! Love You too! 🤗💖😊

      2. Oh I love cheesecake, how thoughtful of you my dear Katy. I love the dragons and so do the fairies although they are spending the night with Gabriela (Button). Thank you for your sweet gifts. Love y’all, please be careful Katy. 💕❤️🧚‍♀️🧚‍♀️🐉🐉Joni

    1. The south is really beautiful Allan. I think you would love it. It gets very hot here now and stays hot until right before Halloween. Too hot for me. Please let me know how you are doing? ❤️ Joni

  6. These are some very beautiful photos Joni, captured with a poet’s eye of places I have never been to and yet, you made me feel I had. Thank you for sharing your excellent photography…they are wonderful! 🙏🤗❤️🦋

    1. You are very thoughtful. I consider myself a novice as I follow some amazingly talented photographers. However I do appreciate your kind support and there are some beautiful places here to see in NC. Sending you love my friend. Have an amazing weekend. Love you, Joni ❤️❤️❤️

    1. Thank you John. Yes I have been blessed to work on missions with these folks their lives are so hard. Without trees during the flooding season it just wipes out everything. All that money raised to help the Haitians never made it there, big surprise right. It is nice that you adopt dogs what a wonderful thing to do. Have a blessed week. ❤️🤗💝🦋

    1. Thank you and yes it is kind of sad that some of those kind folks that follow you and you enjoy their work tend to fall of the reader. I have started to just go through the list on my all follow page. You are an amazing photographer I use to visit frequently. Thanks for your kind words Ted and hope you and your family are all well. Big hugs to y’all, Joni

    1. I was blessed to do mission work in Haiti. I went several times. I got thirty beautiful wedding dresses donated. Most of the women had children and grandchildren but they wanted to marry there significant others. I got to wash all the women’s feet for there was no water. I gave all the women manicures and pedicures. One of the best weeks in my life. Thank you for the gracious comment. 🦋

      1. What a meaningful life you are living, Joni 💜 You are such a blessing to every people you meet. The impact your mission graced to Haiti will forever live on in the lives of the women you encountered and generations after that. Love and kindness 💜

      2. Thank you so much my friend. Your words have touched my heart and I am grateful for them. I was the one who felt so incredibly blessed by my mission work in Haiti. Love and kindness to you my friend and have a blessed week. 🤗 Joni ❤️

  7. What a pity, those Haitians have to leave their homes caused by the rising waters. Those pictures tell a thousand stories. God bless your mission work ! Have a blessed week, Joni !

    1. Thank you so much Phil. They live mostly in mud and stick huts. During the rainy season the rats sleep on the dirt floor with the kids. Thank you again for your kind comments. 🦋❤️🦋

  8. Beautiful photographs, Joni. The blue waters of Haiti, the statue of the girl playing with water, the green gardens in Charleston- I loved these shots.
    Your childhoods pictures are precious.

    1. Thank you so much. I greatly appreciate your visit there. Also, delighted you enjoyed the photography. I am more of a novice, but I really enjoy photography. So appreciate your comments as well about my childhood photographs. You are very kind, my friend. Hugs, Joni

      1. I couldn’t tell you were a novice. You’re very good at it. Please keep sharing beautiful photographs. I look forward to reading your posts and am glad we met. Hugs.

      2. Thank you so much for that lovely compliment. I follow some amazing photographers who have spent much of their life perfecting their art, and I have so much respect for them. I have a nice camera that my husband gave me, and I love it, but writing is my love, so that is where my money goes to support my writing. I, too am very glad we met. Hope your day is full of blessings my friend. Big hugs

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