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Addiction Guide

CPR Certified – First Aid for Drug Overdoses – This link is dedicated to Jon who helped and supported a friend who had an addiction problem.  His mom wrote to me and this quote is from that letter.  “My son really wants to be in some kind of profession where he supports people battling addiction. He loves supporting his cousin and loves educating others on what he’s learned so far.”

Addiction Group:  a comprehensive guide that provides detailed answers to common questions about living with an alcoholic husband. In addition, it offers a guide to recognizing the warning signs of alcoholism, which is crucial for early intervention and treatment. The page also provides advice on coping with an alcoholic husband, including strategies for communication and setting boundaries. For those living with a functioning alcoholic husband, the guide offers insights into this unique situation and how to manage it. Additionally, the page discusses the risks associated with living with an alcoholic husband, such as potential physical, emotional, and social harm. This resource is designed to support and guide those dealing with this challenging situation.

This was the first book I read and it gave me an immediate glance into why I was not only different but why I was always afraid of authority figures.  It also awakened an understanding as to why I was always waiting for the roof to fall in on me and kill me where I stood. (This is one of so many wonderful books you can read to find help.)

I have written two books called Rum and Robots I and II in which I am currently seeking an agent for representation.  A lot of the text or stories in this blog are part of my books and  all my blog contents are proprietary.

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