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We can flourish as adult children of alcoholics (ACoA) although all our tribulations have been exceedingly unique. Many of our stories may bring to mind something comparable to a nightmarish fairy tale. However, I truly believe that our challenges engender an immense strength that resides within us. We can utilize our heightened sense of intuition, compassion, and ability to literally shine! Blooming, resilient, unbeaten warriors, living today in this moment, in this day and in this lifetime.

An Uplifting Adventure – A Blessing from God

I anticipated that it was going to be an extraordinary day!  The goosebumps stood up on my skinny arms reacting to the chill that lingered in the southern, morning air.  It was as if the cool air was trying desperately to postpone the sticky heat of the August summer in Lexington, Kentucky.  The sultry temperatures of my eighteenth … Continue reading An Uplifting Adventure – A Blessing from God

Let Us All Strive To Love Our Neighbors as Ourselves

Last night my husband and I watched Schindler’s List as we do almost annually.  It is so crucial never to forget the horrors of the systematic extermination of the European Jewish Population, culture and society. Today there are events in our world and in the United States that I contemplated while watching this movie. The belief that … Continue reading Let Us All Strive To Love Our Neighbors as Ourselves

One Last Push

Esther - My Mother and Another Survivor Lived from 1932 to 1983 One Last Push  The chains held strong with the weight of the three female bodies pressed tightly together,             Old familiar wood beneath us, yielding to our weight, now as it had many times before. Our feet pushing against the dirt beneath them, smooth, … Continue reading One Last Push