The Wanderer Live On MasticadoresIndia

deadly this scriptintuit of rapturecaresses sensesmy lover, budssprout from poresyou touch me likestrings on a violinardent hunger throbsclimbing the peakwe meet yet againlike feeding pigeonsmy spirit, my heartonce again torn apart To continue reading, please visit MasticadoresIndia ( now called ChewersMasticadores ), and don’t forget to subscribe, like, and follow.    Happy Saturday, my fellow […]

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Stigmata now live on Masticadoresindia

Floating by the cemetery rays lower, reflecting lurid light my plumes shadow ashes calmly sleeping effigies of angels sing the language of turtle doves To finish reading this piece please go to MasticadoresIndia( now called ChewersMasticadores ) to like if you enjoyed the piece, subscribe and tell your friends about this great magazine.  

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My New poem “Love Me Like A Luna“ Now On Spillwords

petals drop from hazel eyesmoonbeams dust, cleaning skiessleepy mushrooms deny they snorevester bats taste an array of insects, then soar honeysuckle nectar, kiss sweetarchaic willow oaks veil my treattwo hearts beat, amending our weatherheating up, whiffs of lavender and leather his vest opens, wildflowers skipnaked, I bite my trembling red lipluna moths mating, a vast […]

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Joni Jazz – Willow Tree

Happy Wednesday everyone out there in our community – Blessings to everyone.  I had a little fun tonight and wrote a quick little jazz tune.  I hope you enjoy it  –  I had fun recording it with the help of my husband.  It is recorded on voice memo and with the computer microphone.

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