My New Poem “Known Before Death” Now On MasticadoresIndia

Painting by Roweig on Pinterest

Known Before Death

ennoble the chaste grandeur
words wrap around my neck
like a quill and crimson shawl
sincere lexes, gilded stardust
my heart lay bare to nameless

To read the rest of this poem please visit this link MasticadoresIndia ( now called ChewersMasticadores ) and thanks to everyone who follows, likes and subscribes to MasticadoresIndia.  

I want to take this opportunity to thank everyone who is an editor of a magazine.  The amount of work involved is unimaginable.  Reading, contacting writers, editing, scheduling, reviewing comments before promoting, sending out reminders to the writers that they have comments, and much more.  So a special thank you to editors who have been kind enough to publish my work and even those who have not published my work.  They give our words a place to be read and that is a gift to a writer.

51 thoughts on “My New Poem “Known Before Death” Now On MasticadoresIndia

  1. What a lovely note alongside such a beautiful poem. And that painting is ‘WOW’! Thank you so much for your contribution. It means a lot to me and MasticadoresIndia. 🙂

    1. You are so welcome. I consider myself blessed to have others reading my words, I also appreciate those who read my work as everyone has a life full of responsibilities. Thank you again for all that you do. 🥰❤️

  2. In an authentic, almost classic style, Joni paints the poet now…by the title, it is her wish (not last wish) to share with other poets and be known (as she most certainly is) in her lifetime. What they make of her writings after her passing is not known, but this poet’s heart (in my judgement) has already passed the test and is known, loved and cherished through only her poetry. We love her through her letters; we see her soul in each line. Love you Joni ❤️

    1. Oh Kari, you made me cry with this comment. What a touching and most gracious thing to say. This has really made my day coming from a poet I so admire, I truly thank you from my tender heart. Love you back Kari, Joni

    1. Thank you Allan so much for reading and your lovely comment. What a blessing it is to be published but I can’t begin to imagine the work that and editor has running a magazine. Many editors have other full time jobs, I think they must just not sleep. I have to have my sleep. Thank you and blessing to you two. Big hugs, Joni

    1. Thank you so much Cassa. I truly don’t know how these editors do it. Full time jobs and finding the time to be an editor. Blessings to you my friend. Big hugs and love, Joni ❤️🦋🤗🌹

    1. Thank you so much KK. I do love writing for MasticadoresIndia, it is a blessing for me. Perhaps there will be those who remember our words after we are gone my friend. I like to hope so. Blessings, peace and love to you this morning. Joni

      1. Yes, Joni, we must hope so. Let’s do our job with optimism. Thank you and love and blessings to you 😊💖

    1. Thank you so much my friend. I just think we all must at least wonder from time to time will my words words be remembered when I am long gone. You and I are blessed that we have been read already. To me that is part of the joy in writing. Stories, poetry or art of any kind is usually done for an impact. You are a great storyteller! Thank you for reading and your lovely comment. Hope your Wednesday is a blessed one. Hugs, Joni

      1. Wonderful points, Joni. I think once I’m gone and forgotten my words will also be forgotten by all except my family and closest friends. That does not disturb me; I am writing for the here and now and what will be, will be. Blessings and big hugs to you, my friend. xo

      2. You write beautiful stories and I don’t think you will be forgotten. We never know do we. I am so grateful that I am published it was not so long ago I wondered if that would ever happen. I think God will take me and my words where he wants me to go. I sure am enjoying and am grateful like you for the ride. Blessings to you my friend, xoxoxo

    1. Anna what a beautifully written comment. Also such a kind thing to say about my heart. Sending my love and prayers for the family. I never look forward to the holiday season I don’t know about you. Big hugs, Joni

    1. Thank you so much Cindy what a really kind comment and I appreciate it too. You are a sweetheart, I hope I will still see you there as I have enjoyed knowing that I can read your poetry so I never miss it. Sending big hugs and love to you. Blessings always to that beautiful family of yours as well. xoxoxoxo

  3. I’m delighted to know and I admire your gifts in poetry always. I will be here as long as I will and always welcome and look forward to your wonderful visits and insight!

    1. That is a very sweet comment Cindy, thank you so much. I appreciate your work and also think you should win the multi-tasker award, I of the year, you are always juggling twenty things at once. I was someone to be reckoned with when I was in my early 40’s. There were few people that could keep up with me at work, not the case anymore. I know many believe there is no such thing but I disagree. I think creating beautiful art and doing it while you are listening to amazing music is multi-tasking too. I hope that I will see you on MasticadoresUSA still, I have been enjoying going in and seeing your lovely work my friend. Love you Cindy, big hugs, Joni

      1. Oh it’s so true Joni, you’re most welcome. That is so funny and probably true but it’s hard for me to see it. You know how it is, when you are in it, you are in it as you remember well, I’m sure. Oh I love the visual of listening to music and doing art which really opens space and creativity inside. So lovely.
        You are incredibly kind to say that and I intend to keep writing there and so happy you check in on my work. Thank you so much. Love you too Joni, my friend closer than far. 💗

      2. Well I still do remember but don’t have your energy. I know I have always wished I could do my own illustrations. We can check on each other’s work. You are welcome my friend who is closer than far. What a blessing you and I have made such wonderful friends here. Take care of that beautiful family. 🤗🦋🌹💝

      3. Mine comes and goes with the wind but it’s ok, i get it when I need it. That would be so cool to do your own illustrations. I know my limits and that’s where I would flounder. I’m so blessed to have our friendship too Joni! Hugs and love to your beautiful family as well! ❣️

      4. Thank you Cindy. I know what you mean. Yes, it is a blessing to stay in touch and to have our friendship. Blessings this Sabbath and sending you many hugs and much love. xoxooxo

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