Lust and a Coffee Cup

Window Weeper, salty tears lost in anguish, cutting deep with pain
Your saddened state only aggravates your memories which are in vain
Alone inside empty walls, for you, there is now nowhere else to run
You should have known that evening out with lust, was more than fun
Yet within your rending heart and in your dreams you already know
What is now lost from lack of trust, the best gardener cannot grow

A silent partner his once remaining echoes you can no longer hear
Not amusing enough to keep you happy, the humdrum you did fear
Yet steady was his ways of showing his affections every single day
Conversations anticipated, predictable as your mind began to stray
You merit more you told yourself, as a kiss he placed upon your cheek
As he went away on business, calling lovingly each night that week

It is the memory of him who went away that causes you to conceal
Your shame, swollen eyes the deathly way you ache and often feel
A chasm deep, cut into yourself where nothing can begin to fill you up
His smell, a cigar on the mantle, cuff links, and his large coffee cup
How you now long for routine, steady ripples and no more waves
Deep his voice, real his trust, and love, forever lost to you these days

by Joni Caggiano 1/23/20

13 thoughts on “Lust and a Coffee Cup

  1. Wow, this is powerful and lovely and sad–rich lines all, Joni–this is my fave one:

    “What is now lost from lack of trust, the best gardener cannot grow”–so true. <3

      1. I always love your writing, Joni–so rich and layered beautifully! Yes, it’s another blessed day–hope your evening is equally so. Much love to you!

      2. Your so welcome. I love the name of your site by the way. So cleaver and I love the photograph of the church. Hugs my friend goodnight. 😘

    1. Thank you so much my friend for your comment. So true. Often we don’t know what blessings we have till we lose them. I appreciate your reading and commenting so much. Have a blessed weekend. Love ya Joni

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