My First Book – The Path Toward The Light

I am excited to announce the publication of my debut novel. It is a young adult, science-fiction, dystopian novel which readers from age nine to ninety would enjoy. You can purchase the paperback or Kindle version today! Paperback book link: The illustrator that I worked with was amazing. So for anyone looking for a … Continue reading My First Book – The Path Toward The Light


Into memory’s doors, I do cautiously and slowly tread, Dressed in black the family glides dazed around me, A video is showing happier times of their family tree. Stunning is the woman weeping and whispering, Tender words to a quiet, listless man lying down. Tissues quietly muffle her sorrow and her sound. I speak to … Continue reading Loss

Shared Pain with Little Sis

Eyes red, painful, and swollen from tears that bleed,Broken, shaken, and scarred visibly, deep down inside,Her sporadic lonely dance is one of hopeful survival,Shaky, breathing hard and recklessly she moves about,Floating, mind rushing, exhaustion like the tugging mire,Settling in, pulling her under, consuming her untimely frailty! Lost, in her graphic memories of such horrid madness, Clouding, … Continue reading Shared Pain with Little Sis