Striking Soldier

  (one minute read) dark the liner underneath her emerald green eyessorted whispers exchanged in a smoke-filled hollowcloaked in sadness, she journeys to the bar that floats in the airwalls of black notes isolate reality in a bluesy canvasmoney cannot buy her escape, not this earthy eveningstirring within her nose, the sting of hospital air […]

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Sweet Aroma

A lark sparrow hums gently upon the hillred clay glistens with soft rosy tonesspider webs dance with movementtears roll from disappointmentonto the lawn, watering tired grasssquirrels fight to open a bird feedersunshine shifts to brighten a lonely heartwithout blemish, only He holds the keysweet aroma comes to Himwho walks with the Father freeGod repaints the […]

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Outdoor Cathedral

Pressing past the rock with fist opened yielding with the crevices Joy touches my content heart like little feet stomping ripe grapes Flowers liberate pollen as their songs melt into a stew of hazy dyes Red-bellied Woodpecker yearning for love lets out its shrill cries Glorious maiden is the Willow oak as I hug her […]

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benches of stone stilllion gazing upon earthsweet the breath of God By Joni 02/25/20

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