Toxic Water

The great whale will die, eating Islands of plastic, while many don’t care. In a turtle’s nose, lodged within a plastic straw, causing constant pain. Killing the ocean, no cares for the future child, hearts lack devotion. By Joni Caggiano (Three Haikus) 11/13/19 Photo by Joni - Olympus - E520

Autumn Moment

A tree frog sang by the gutter, raindrops still lingering, Prayers coming forth from the praying Carolina mantis, Anoles slowly ascend the dying vines on the porch screen, While the Banded Sphinx moth struggles to free itself, Caught timelessly posing between summer and fall. by Joni Caggiano 11/8/19 Photo courtesy of Husband (Scott Caggiano) iPhone … Continue reading Autumn Moment