long red hair hangs wet, on her firm, damp thighsintense is the coconut scent,from red orchids, given as absent reminderssilence, like heavy rain, falling on yielding green leasgold hearts dangle from sensitive lobes, a gift – a cursetears engulf the room, as soft petals float in milky dreamsher passion, burning holes in sheets still warmno … Continue reading Absent

My Poem “Tribute to the Forest” is my first published work on Vita Brevis Poetry Magazine

Disentangling my body as my spirit flows without restraintthrough the dreams of the elusive creatures of the blessed forest.My skin touches tiny petals of love that float freelyas cottonwood trees have turned the forest into a winter’s land.As their fleecy white seeds blow into my dreamland with a subtle gustreminiscent of the exquisite white feather … Continue reading My Poem “Tribute to the Forest” is my first published work on Vita Brevis Poetry Magazine


my heart is cursedlove is a windowless homewhere emotions bleedalone I cry stale tearsmy well is soon to be emptyrejected is my outstretch handmy path floods the streetwith blood that flowsinto an endless river of paincrossing the red bridgemy heart dares to dreama feather floats byhummingbirds hover around memessengers who bid me welldisappearing on the … Continue reading Hummingbirds

The Taste of You

You found me in my twilight dreamsEven in death, you pursue my rawnessConcrete flooding my reposing portalsSeeking to preserve innocenceBack in the rustic hay barn, we sneakKentucky - sweet, warm earth and catfishCrawdads in streams where I drinkDivvying up hushpuppies in honey butterMusky smells rousing my dulled sensesAching, spilling blood on thriving mossMy pores open … Continue reading The Taste of You


Gazing upward like a coloring pad of indigo and cobalt blueJoy effervescing inside her lingering indulgent bubble bathLight as morning waffles clouds are whirling day time hues Laying between two cotton fields plowed, left white fluff stillIt smells of clay, honeysuckle and gardenias her feet inhaleMagical brush fashioned a cottontail that went against his will … Continue reading Imagination

Living Veil

A tapestry, of my life, woven of sorrows,desires, chance, and God’s truths.Individually threaded by many hands bothknown and unknown.Patterns weaved with wool, cotton andsilk fibers into many shapes withworn seasons distinctive and tender.Harsh years where dyes faded andunknown shadows mystifyingly emerged.Tints of indigo and sapphire were ablazewhere fulfilled durations of time existed.Skies met untainted lands … Continue reading Living Veil