Toxic Dreams

Floating leisurely in a sailing, solar-powered glass ball
Searching intently for life over the harsh endless sprawl.

Beneath me fine dust and a limb from a long-ago burnt tree,
I was becoming frightened as my ball was close to the sea.

Although colorless sulfur dioxide was surrounding me,
The clean air in my bubble came with a cost; it was not free.

Leaving my family in a tunnel below the now sterile ground,
Before my own death, I decided to take one last look around.

The sea was a poisonous body of water with countless isles,
With trash and cans of carcinogens that reached up for miles.

Long ago flesh burned-off bones of animals now lay in waste,
The population had to have all the costly dreams they chased.

I did try to remember God’s beauty I saw when I was age three,
When flowers did bud, trees clapped, and clean water was free.

Cities of corpses now lay underwater and all signs of green gone,
I caught myself longingly recalling the Wood Thrush’s happy song.

Devastation and lifelessness were all that our earth has to bestow,
So with air running out, I thank God, for to heaven and eternal life, I go!

by Joni 12/21/19

7 thoughts on “Toxic Dreams

    1. Thank you so much Bulbul I appreciate your very kind words. We really need to
      Change our ways on this beautiful place God gave us to live. Take good care my friend. Have a blessed Sabbath. Love ❤️ Joni

    1. You are so right dear Virginia. Thanks for your kind words. My book is based in 2050 and it isn’t about zombies but about what life will likely be like based on many scientific predictions dealing with toxic air, war over water, cities under water, zoos with only a few animals under heavy guard, deforestation, and much more that could be facing our children or their children. Two fifteen year olds that are angry about the life they are forced to live due to our neglectful generations which are just getting worse. They try and make a difference but with help from God. I am very aware of our environmental situation and it’s dire future without change. Thank you Virginia for bringing beauty with your site. My book was published before I heard of Greta Thunberg but she is certainly a hero of mine. Love ❤️ Joni

  1. I love your new photo above holding your fabulous book! I worry about the children of this world now too, they deserve to see all the beauty that still exists & sad they won’t ever see what is already gone

    1. Thank you Janette it means the world to me that you have always been such an encouraging and supportive friend regarding my writing. I too worry about what will be left for our grandchildren especially. I love you. Joni

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