Oak and an Angel

Sweat gently trickles between the aging tan skin of my breasts.
Seasoned are the chambers of this heart that passed the test,
Enduring each stage of suffering that came, for He knew best!

Death took me not, for as a snowflake unique, He put me on Earth,
Life forces surging, His spirit dwells in me, a few years after birth.
It is for Him to whisper, time like the elusive rise and fall of the surf.

Kind words befall me, amongst the flower and the humble bee.
Sweet magnolia smells enchant me, and honeysuckle runs free,
Like Him, the oaks are smiling; on a limb, an angel sits with me,
We have no dominion over our lifecycle, so I await my time with He.

Very ancient tree in Boone Hall Plantation in Mt. Pleasant, South Carolina 12/16/19 – Picture taken by Joni when I still had my little Coolpix Camera

8 thoughts on “Oak and an Angel

    1. Thank you Bulbul your kind words which very special to me. I also wish you great times over the season. May hummingbirds dance and the trees whisper your name while angels sing a blessing just for you my friend. Love ❤️ Joni

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