The Lonely Glass

Dark as coal was the night, as my body aches with
youthful memories of your tender touches.
Days spent in fallow fields with unwavering
wildflowers on a tattered quilt tossed in the trunk.
The clatter of your camera snapping as I would become
Your muse while playing in the water like a child.
Dusk by the veiled pond in our furtive spot
that sung our names mixed within our playful laughter.
Bats moving close to the cattails darting sharply
in the glory of the moonlight gleaming in our presence.
Endless cricket songs and the vibrations of our own
voices, as we fervently confessed our undying love.
How we vowed ourselves to one another as we
melted in each other's arms locked in this tender time.
You were my safe place, my cherished refuge,
and my heart hurt with a slight tear as we parted each night.
Dreams of life entangled with your voice,
touch, tears, and lasting love caressed me like a mist.
Emotions stunned me, breathless by your mere touch
or the smell of you on my clothing, a beloved scent.
Waiting on the porch, sweet tea in anxious hands
as time moved forward, clasping hands are now shaking.
Oh where my love had you gone why were you late
this mid-summer night as my anxiety turned to fear?
I was your stage, and you were my play, as time ceased to exist.
Magnolias filled the damp air with memories and
fireflies danced for me in brilliant circles of light.
But they were not you, my love, my hope for lasting
happiness during this earthly life into which I was born.
Have you found another, am I now to be disowned?
Like a sandspur sting still aching from their bite days later.
A large pool of water settled around my tea.
My thin hands were wringing as I already had my answer.
That night I sat staring at that glass unable to move
as I wondered would I ever be loved again,
would I?

by Joni K. Caggiano 10/31/2019
Olympus Digital Camera – Picture by Joni

6 thoughts on “The Lonely Glass

      1. Thank you so much. That picture was taken on a crisp day at the plantation where one of the Roots movies were filmed in South Carolina. It was early and such a gorgeous day. Thank you for your gracious words. Love to you and yours. ❤️💕Joni

  1. Thank you for sharing your experience (and your imagination) w/ readers, Joni. We have all or almost all walked this road. For those who never find true love, there is the consolation of God’s everlasting love. Sending my love your way, too, dear friend. Blessings, A. <3 <3 <3

    1. You are so welcome dearest Anna. So true my friend. I hope you saw my email today. Sending lots of love. Let me know when you can. Lots of prayers this Sabbath. Love ❤️ Joni

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