Hot is your mouth I seek Like a white owlet moth Burns his casing to tap Such an urge as he darts Towards his death in the Light.   Fierce your grip my love Drawing me inward How you bind my heart With raw emotion-sensing us Immersed in our cosset           … Continue reading Us


my heart paused todaywind took my bright scarf to seaall I saw was you Haiku by Joni 12/31/19 - Picture taken by my husband and best friend OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA - Husband at the Helm

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They walk proudly, petite heads held high,Eyes darting about at the sound of any unfamiliar noise,Both leads growing taunt as a squirrel runs by. Red ants enfold the corpse of a tree frog,Steering excited feet away from their potential sting,Greeting a neighbor about to start his jog. Tails wag as smell leads them to new … Continue reading Top Billing