To Launder in Love

No rationale for the sorrow which often floods our hearts
Through an awful thicket armed with spikey painful needles
Edging along this dreadful path cautiously we shall ponder
Why to visit now, this trail of tears we precipitously wonder.

Drowning in this uninvited sensation and under we do go
Violent are the waves of regret beseeching us to surrender
Reliving things better suited to death in thought and drive
Do not relinquish but hold steady, our new self shall arrive.

To break the chains of sadness which occurs without a song
Remembering the silent blessings which launder us in love
Don't wither under this burden's unwanted and timely weight
Light will win and overcome this sometimes unanticipated fate.

by Joni 10/28/19
John 1:5, NIV: "The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness
has not overcome it." 

9 thoughts on “To Launder in Love

  1. Depression can be very hard – unless you have experienced it, it can be hard to sympathize. Traditional response: “Get up, you’re so lazy!” Or “Just push through it” but it’s not nearly that simple. Thanks for writing such a beautiful portrayal, hoping it helps the unsympathetic person understand a little better. ❤️

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