The Artist

We live in between our own anxious, gasping breaths,
On wonderland that is neither somewhere or nowhere,
Up and down lies carefully on its side and dares to think,
Within our creative cells and tortured thoughts derive,
Pen, brush, music, and lens we work to capture the eyes,
Expressing our images with the naked utter truth so rare,
Hearts leaving our veracities and beauty we’re called to share.

by Joni 10/14/19

2 thoughts on “The Artist

  1. What a beautiful paean to musicians, artists, and writers everywhere. W/ brush or pen or lens we long to capture something more than this anxiety and pain filled existence. That truth is a glimpse of the eternal. You belong in the upper echelon of such artists, Joni. You have the gift of transporting readers to another realm. ❤

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    1. Anna what an incredibly kind comment. Thank you so much for this sweet statement, “You belong in the upper echelon of such artists, Joni,” how very much this meant to me my friend. Hope you have a blessed week Anna, the days must be difficult for you. We look towards the heavens and to God for his blessings and his will to be done and our faith is our blanket of comfort and our promise that some day this pain filled world will be transformed by Our Lord. Sending love to you and your dear family. xoxoxo Joni

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