Skin Still Soft

Wrinkled fingers clasped together to form hands in prayer
Looking toward the heavens, she asks Friend, are you there?
I've lived a long life she thinks warming  herself by the fire
I am all that's left; my situation seems so lonely and dire.
I am old and tired my Lord she whispers and I'm ready to  go
My bones ache in this weary body and the cold from the snow.
To worship daily by your side and to cling to my trusted Savior
She whispered, you know, my Father, my feelings never waiver.
My help, my salvation the Maker of all things beautiful and kind,
Don't leave me any longer, for I am the only one left behind.
She lay her head back on her chair as a tear dropped on her cheek
A friend found her skin still soft, but her soul had been gone a week.

by JK Caggiano 10/14/19
Olympus Digital Camera – Photo by Joni

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