making love under a canapy of willow oaks

© Photograph and free verse by Joni Caggiano

Buttercups with reflective cells make the sunshine upon your face. Tickling the leaves as they dance graciously upon the trees, the musing of light bringing me to my knees. Emerald eyes sipping the fragrant nectar of nature as I am smitten with the beauty of the sky.  My eyelet dress barely covering my breasts brought your eyes upon my long neck and chestnut hair whiffing of jasmine. Traveling like a stage light, your eyes dart from my breast to my waist, sizing my reaction. Yearning as a young girl practicing her kiss on a mirror, I crave your touch. My hair is frolicking with the wind and the mantras of Mother Earth. Canopies of Willow Oaks tendering cover for our midafternoon lovemaking.

I will be off line until May 5th.  I hope everyone has a weekend filled with love and inspiration.  May we all spend time with our partners making love, dancing and enjoying the pleasures mother earth has to share.  We are so very blessed if we live with the love of our life.  Don’t forget to vote for SpillWords Poet and Piece of the Month.