Sunkissed my lids and dew melted in my hands as I leaped
Laughter bounced from the soft snowy clouds echoing a call
Wings of buttery color with hues of scarlet and cerise rose
Angels of Protection with skin transparent and features unique
Exquisiteness which held no conceivable description flew softly
Yet reverberations like thunder imparting the clouds with power
My heart melted akin to sap oozing with sugar from the great pines
I watched robes so white and light that burst forth from wings
Their splendor sang like waves of harmonic chorus infused skies
Flavors of devotion and praise of God shook the firmaments
Beneath His expansive wings, protection pours like a rainfall
God’s armor our steadfast bastion while we rest within His wounds

By Joni Caggiano 03/16/20

Taken by Joni with an E520 Olympus Camera

25 thoughts on “Faith

  1. What a beautiful poem to lighten our hearts with the joy of nature & the world we hold more dear to us now, more than ever with such uncertainty around us. Let us rejoice in nature & what is free for all of us to embrace with our hearts. Thank you for this so much!

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    1. Thank you for your thoughtful words dearest Janette. I am so glad you liked it. I know things are getting crazy there. I am so grateful for our faith. Stay safe love you bunches my dear friend. Have a blessed week. Love 💕 you Joni


  2. Good evening my dearest Joni,
    What a marvelous poem. But then you do marvelous most of the time. I love the imagery here. It’s splendid. The finale touches millions of hearts
    “God’s armor our steadfast bastion while we rest within His wounds”
    Love and hugs to you sweetheart.

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    1. You too beautiful Button. I am touched by your sweet words they always humble me. I am so glad you liked it. Take good care of yourself. Love and blessings coming from NC. Love 💕 you Button. Joni

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      1. Dearest Beautiful Button,

        Here is another comment I never saw until today. Again, thank you for your kindness and understanding in advance. I have spent my entire day trying to fix this with a migraine much of the day because I feel so badly that people who care about me have been ignored. You wrote this kind comment, on March 17th, can you believe that. Where does the time go. You have since got a bestselling book “Passions” under Love Poems on Amazon published by Vita Brevis and so many amazing reviews. I am beside myself with happiness for you. So grateful for God giving you a gift that you have shared and continue to share with us all. Again, thank you for the poem and your love and support Button. Love Honeybun

        My apologies, I didn’t see this comment until just now. I chatted with an accommodating person on WordPress for about an hour to understand how I could be missing comments.

        I found out today that WordPress limits the number of notifications you can have (a relatively small amount that’s not configurable). If I don’t respond to comments quickly (which includes new posts on every site I follow), it is likely to drop off. This means I won’t see a comment at all, as I have reached my limit, and the comment drops off.

        I should be able to bypass this limitation by checking the comment section of my WordPress account on the computer many times a day. Please accept my apology, and I sincerely hope you have a blessed and fantastic day!


    1. Thank you sweetie so much. I appreciate your always reading and your kindness towards me. It is weird I changed the last two lines before I published this poem. Perhaps God was talking to me. I love you sister. Thanks again for your sweet support. 💕😘😘😍


      1. Oh I’m glad you didn’t change that last line–it’s Perfection, reflects our Lord and Savior so well! Much love to you!! ❤

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      2. That is the line I changed and the one above to what it is now as published. Don’t you think God just guides us sometimes and let’s us know when something is not quite right. It is hard to write about our Holy Father, for me, I feel inadequate most of the time. So glad you liked those last two lines. Thanks sweetie.


      3. Oh I totally agree that God guides our writing, Joni–that’s what excites me most, that HE and I are a writing “team” 🙂

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    1. You are so sweet dear Tangie. The fact that you thought of me means so much and I am blessed by your love. Back in February I was awarded this very kind award by Vincent and did a post on February 17th, thanking him as I was so touched by his kind gesture. So please spread this love to someone who has not already been acknowledge by his blessing. Thank you Tangie it really does mean a lot. I love you. Joni

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      1. I am spreading to many awesome bloggers who have not been acknowledged. However, I have been in inspired by your caring and gentle spirit, and will still nominate you. Please do not feel compel to accept the process.

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      2. I am glad to hear it sweet Tangie. You are a blessing to so many yourself and so glad you are part of my family now as well. Have a wonderful and blessed day sweetie. Love you Joni

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