Psalm to Twilight

Sweet the twilight tears of yesterday where hope exist in our glorious world
God illuminating the nighttime, the moon and stars light the corridor of our path
Moonbeams kiss the dark hours bringing forth the white Moonflower
Nocturnal moths drawn to its scent to pollinate the center of the five-pointed star

Synchronizing their flashing as they dance while feeding on dewdrops and pollen
The bioluminescence of the lightning bugs grace us with the splendor of their courtship
Children’s laughter a gift as they play about these magical creatures with innocence
Open books, sharing love with everyone blinded to color, creed, wealth or title

Bright eyes speak beyond the woodland as they call to one another boldly in the dark
A groundhog ventures onward, rabbits chase their little ones, and the fox stirs gently
Gracious is the vigilant mother of her newborn fawn as she steps forth to ensure safety
Soon the group moves as one to drink the evening dew and eat the malleable moss

They are the dreamers of this shadowy world, hinging not on those humans sleeping near
For God looks upon his dancing beauties with love as he dresses them in glorious colors
Innocent as the babes who chase the fireflies He speaks to them as angels venture near
Void from all the dangers, as God kisses nature, it is the humans that they know to fear

Yet we are God’s children and He pours forth His enduring grace and endless mercies
As the stars in the heavens are uncharted so is the fountain of His inconceivable love
He is our Father our Shepherd He who watches over us in the darkness of the night
It is He who takes a sinner, a broken-hearted person like me, into His tender light

by Joni Caggiano – published originally in Jan.  

Photo taken by Joni Caggiano

11 thoughts on “Psalm to Twilight

  1. Very soulful Joni beautiful words. How when we are all of the same Heavenly Father why can’t we get on like the animals. We are all too tied up with labels and societal conditions.

    1. You are too gracious Rhen. I appreciate your comments so much. Your writing resonates with me also as I feel we have a lot in common. I definitely moderate my comments BTW. I had a comment right after I started my blog that was a bit scary to be honest. It has been the only one. The community is full of kind and compassionate people like yourself but there are some things people shouldn’t have to read. It is strange world we live in my friend as you know. Love you my sweet sister. Have a blessed evening and thanks for reading and commenting. 💝

      1. I understand completely about moderating comments…I probably should do it too. I’m sorry you had a scary one–and if it ever seems I’ve shared too much in your comment box, please edit/delete!! Sometimes things just fall out of us that would be best filtered. I’m so grateful the vulgar spam has ceased at my site–God Is Sovereign over everything we put in HIS hands. Blessings to you, dear Sister.💝

      2. Oh I never edit a comment. I just approve them. It might not be a bad idea for you to do the same just to protect yourself. It would have been awful for others to have seen the one comment. I think it is the unusual not the norm. Hugs. Sweet dreams. 💕

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