He Is

A Tomb in Nazareth – Photo by @pisitheng via Unsplash – Poem by Joni Caggiano©

bullfrogs playing banjo strings in a scarlet sunset
water surging in veins of the rainforest in Borneo
dots that salsa around on the back of a newborn fawn
colors mingling on a palette, the firmament at dawn

fire rainbow made by ice crystals and bright sunlight
antelope canyon, shades reflect on the navajo sandstone
hanging pouches, mammatus clouds dangling in the sky
a spotless lamb loving us enough to be crucified and die

the smell of innocence resting on a newborn baby’s head
camouflaging, leafy sea dragons sway on the ocean’s floor
fledglings, leaving home, unsteadily flying, breaking ties
Jesus Christ, in tomb for three days, He did gloriously rise

Mammatus Clouds in the Nepal Himilayas – Photo by Anton Yankovyi via Wikipedia
Leafy Seadragon on Kangaroo Island – Photo by James Rosindell via Wikipedia
Antelope Canyon – Photo by @Yagity via TripAdvisor
Fire Rainbow over West Virginia – Photo by Christa Harbig via NASA

45 thoughts on “He Is

    1. Thank you Cassa. You are so right. Feeling very thankful for The Son of God this morning. I honestly can not imagine life without God. Happy Good Friday Cassa. Sending you much love and hugs to you and all those you love. 🤗🙏🤗Joni

      1. Easter is my favourite time of the year, it always injects new hope and spiritual vigour into my life. Sending you abundant blessings and love! 💚💃

      2. Oh thank you Cassa Bassa it is a time of renewal and hope for the world. To know we have a place in heaven makes all the difference in what is important. Thank you for your gifts of love and blessings, right back at you sweet Cassa. Love ❤️ Joni

    1. Thank you so much Cindy. I rarely feel qualified or good enough to write about Jesus or God when it comes to Easter. I don’t feel worthy I guess but I know God doesn’t think like that. God loves us all so much. Bless you my sweet friend. ❤️

      1. Your words are felt deeply and are gifts for all of us and God is proud of you.. I know I am.
        Thanks for you love and you’re most welcome! 💖💖💖🙏

      2. Cindy you always know the right thing to say sweetie. Love you and thank you dearly. I truly hope your family is able to get together with you this weekend. Blessings to you 🤗❤️🙏🦋

  1. This is so beautiful! A timeless reminder of what He gave, for us ❤️ Love this a zillion times ✝️🐰

    1. Hi dear Jill, how are you my friend. You must be super busy right now. I think about you every time we go by your house and wonder what you are up too. Hope you and the family are all well. I am sending you love and hugs. Thank you for reading and your beautiful comment. Happy Easter week Jill. Blessings to you and your beautiful family. Scott sends his love too. ❤️❤️🤗🤗🙏🙏

    1. Oh thank you Allan. So very true. In fact you and your lovely wife would know with all of the amazing nature you have photographed. Happy Easter weekend to you both. Big hugs and love ❤️ From the two of us here in NC

    1. Thank you so much Tim. I appreciate your kindness. I am glad you liked the photographs. That sea dragon can turn bright blue it is amazing, it flows like the water. Australia has all kinds of things specific to that continent. Sending you two hugs on this Good Friday. 🤗🤗🙏🙏

    1. Thank you so much my friend. I appreciate your kind words as I find it difficult to write about God’s sacrifice of His only Son and the joy and happiness that sacrifice brings every believer. It is difficult to feel worthy to write about something that means so much. Blessings and Happy Easter to you and your wonderful family. Love Joni and Scott ❤️🙏

      1. I understand Joni and I concur. May you find many blessings always and peace. Lots of love to you both and your family. 🌺😊🙏🏻

  2. AHHHHH!!! JONI!!! I literally applauded just at Your title and the opening photo….and then Your WONDERFUL Praise and words!!!! I’m smiling SOOOOO big right now. Gorgeous. Lovely. Sooooo very sweet. Thank You for this. I’m sending so much Love and wishing You and Your beautiful family a most beautiful Easter!!! ❤️🙏🏼🤗!!!

    1. Thank you Katy I appreciate all your very gracious words. I look forward to your post on Sunday my friend. Sending you lots of love and thanks for your precious friendship Katy. ❤️🤗🙏

      1. Oh….my absolute pleasure, my friend!!! It’s a seriously beautiful post!!! And Thank You! Guess what? My post is up early. I got inspired! WHAT?!!! AND….drumroll please….I actually submitted a couple of poems for Gabriella’s book! Even if they don’t get published I’m so excited I actually put it something out there! Perhaps….PERHAPS I’m over whatever creative stillness I’ve been in and I will actually start, I dunno…..PAINTING!!! (other than digital art for blog once a week!) daily again rather than every 2 or 3 weeks…and start and finish projects that have been brewing for some time! Maybe not….anything’s okay…but it’s so fun to have been inspired 2 times in a row!!! 💖💖💖 AND….I am sending Lots of Love and Thanks right back to You for YOUR precious friendship!!! You are beyond sweet!!! I hope Y’all have a most wonderful Easter!!!! 💖💖💖💖💖💖💖!

      2. Oh yea!!!!! that is wonderful news all around Katy. Being inspired is a blessing. I am so happy for you. Glad you submitted work for Gabriela’s Anthology too. That is fabulous. You are very talented and a marvelous poet and artist. Best of luck to you my friend. Sending best wishes for the happiness Easter ever. Big hugs and love to you my friend. ❤️🤗🦋😘🐉🧚🏻🐉🧚🏻🌹🦋

      3. Thank You for all of this sweetness, Joni!!! Yep, in my experience (and some other expressive types I know) Inspiration and Creativity ebbs and flows. I’ve learned to just Be and breathe through it although I do tend to judge myself as there seem to be people who, no matter what, keep outwardly expressing. But each has their own story, dance, rhythm of life/creativity and there is nothing to do but honour it. Thank You for You wishes of luck! I send the same back to You my beautiful friend!!! Easter was beautiful! I hope Yours was as well!!! Bilg hugs and love coming right back to You!!! 🤗💖💐🌸🌷🐰💕🧚🏽😊

      4. Yes indeed my wonderful friend. I am excited to hear about the anthology too. It is an important book due to the nature of the material. Blessings to you dearest Katy. Love you!! ❤️🤗🦋🌼🌻🌸

    1. Amen, blessings my dearest Anna. Yes indeed we do have that empty tomb. I feel like more than ever in my lifetime we need God and our salvation to hold onto. This world is likely to get very crazy and we are covered with God’s Holy Grace. So thankful today for every part of my life, the good and the bad. Bless you Anna and may you have a special day today. I hope you get to talk to your daughter and grandchildren. I talk to my daughter early this morning and it was a blessing. Saying prayers for your family and grateful for our friendship always. Love you, Joni

    1. Hello my friend. How have you been? I was out of town and miss this message. Thank you so much for your kind message. Yes I am so very grateful for his sacrifice. We can relax with God’s promise of eternity with Him. So grateful for all His blessings. Sending your family my love. xoxoxo

      1. Thank you Joni. I’ve been good thank you. Hope you well? Thanks for all the love and lots coming back your way ❤️🌸💕

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