He Is

bullfrogs playing banjo strings in a scarlet sunsetwater surging in veins of the rainforest in Borneodots that salsa around on the back of a newborn fawncolors mingling on a palette, the firmament at dawn fire rainbow made by ice crystals and bright sunlightantelope canyon, shades reflect on the navajo sandstonehanging pouches, mammatus clouds dangling in […]

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My New Poem “Death of Innocence” live on Spillwords press nyc

his mighty breath shakes the Carpathian conifersangels caress the Black Sea with salty blue tearsyards of peat moss release threads of red energyfire salamanders scream out in their volcanic rageyou will not put Ukrainians in your silencing caves To continue reading please visit Spillwords Press NYC and please consider liking if you enjoy the piece […]

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The Earth Has Feelings Too

silence is an earless solitary creaturewithout words alone in the damp eye of dusk a red clock balances barren time evenif its long arm is short and bluebirds boast words fly back to you like a memoryof winds blowing in circles catching leaves hummingbirds hover backward whencherished souls like white doves rise to heaven love […]

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