Regrets of a Southern Death

Poem by Joni Caggiano – Beautiful photograph by mali madder at (reading time 1 minute 3 seconds)

gazing at her photo as if measures of time were echos
of the rapid beat of a hummingbird’s wing
for if he dared to linger upon the fading vision that was once her
even a second longer, her death would occur all over again
except for his memory, she was salt mixed with brown ash, bone and
four long screws which once held a plate in her neck
using those now for a porch swing she always wanted but never got
for he was as pig-headed as any man ever was
she fancied the idea of swinging a while with him
and drinking her sun-brewed ice-tea,
while shelling black-eyed peas as the sweet smell of honeysuckle hung to her pale skin
a waste of good wood and chain, he would tell her

the siren’s song of the southern waters would never be as dangerous
or as crimson as the night she took her life
now his guilt like nails growing out of his ears like his claim of being hard of hearing
nights long-suffering, and starless, felt as barren now
as the memories of his youthful bride weeping
hating herself, as she would rattle on about her petrified womb
brackish and blind fish swimming within her, moving forever and always taunting
hauntingly beautiful his southern belle, who could never be a mother
praying the grand cypress along Savannah’s marsh would take him now
into her hollow womb, and drinking from the rain, her knees would hold
along with the cicada nymphs, feeding on sap
sleeping for seventeen years
only then might he forget her features, the memories, and how she wept blue tears

63 thoughts on “Regrets of a Southern Death

      1. So true we must always be careful but the sea is our home. 💕🤗❤️🌹🧜‍♀️🧜‍♀️
        I am sending pearls just like mine to put in your gorgeous hair my sea friend. 💕💕🧜‍♀️🧜‍♀️🧜‍♀️

    1. Thank you Cassa. I think this is one of my best pieces as it contains so many mixed memories. Hope you are having a great week and thank you for your support. Sending you lots of love Cassa. 💕❤️😘

    1. Wow that you Brad that means a lot coming from you. So glad you liked it.


      Thanks so much Brad seriously. Sending hugs and lots of love ❤️ Jonikins

      1. Thank you John. I hope you know I really do appreciate all you do for not only me but for the other interesting people’s work you reblog. 💕🤗❤️😘😘

    1. Honestly, this is a combination of experiences rolled into one. Mostly written about my ex husband. Lucky for me my new husband and soulmate will buy me anything I want. Fortunately for him I don’t need much, just him shelter clothing food, and as much love as I can get, which is usually a lot. Thanks so much for reading my dear friend. Love and hugs and hot cocoa coming to you via our favorite fairies. Love you Joni

      1. You are so kind. Thank you sweetie for caring so much. That is so thoughtful really. I have been happily married for over two decades to my sweetheart. I really do appreciate you. Love you Joni 💕❤️🤗

      2. Thank you sweet Colleen. Hope your week is off to a good start. We have been in the mountains and this was in my trash for some reason. Sending you lots of love my friend. Joni

      3. Thank you Joni. We are doing well. The snow is melting (but there is SO much of it). Please breathe some of that mountain air for me! I can’t wait to go back!

      4. I am back and I took enough breaths for the both of us. Glad you are well. We are too. I hope you have an amazing day dear friend. Sending love. 💕🤗❤️😘

      1. Thank you so very much. I have had many comments in spam again, I have been in the mountains with poor coverage and perhaps that is why. I hope your week is going nicely. Love and hugs Joni

    1. You say things that make my day literally David. I have been questioning my poetry lately and if people can relate to my style. So this is a true blessing for me. Seriously I mean this you have touched my heart again with your comment. May your weekend be filled with many blessings my kind friend. Love and many hugs Joni

  1. This is incredibly great writing Joni! I savor each line, it’s so beautiful and sad. Twisted and complicated, yet simple and honest. One of your best pieces for sure! 🥰💕

    1. Thank you Tiffany I really appreciate your sweet words they mean so much. I have been traveling and haven’t been on line much. I appreciate that you thought it was one of my best pieces as well. I would agree my friend. I hope you have a great day and I will catch up when I get home. Sending lots of love to you Tiffany. 💕❤️🤗Joni

    1. This poem has many emotions within it and pieces of myself as well. I pulled from so many places to get to this piece. I am grateful that you could sense and felt it Anna. You always get me and I am so appreciative that you read my work. I am sending love and prayers for your sweet family up to heaven today especially for your daughter. Praying for strength, love, blessings and so much more. Love you sweet Anna. Joni

    1. Francisco, I am speechless in regard to your comment. Getting a magnificent from you is very complementary. I am so grateful you liked this piece as I feel it is one of my best and yet I’m not sure people like the difficult to read poems. Thank you so much for your kind words dear friend. We have been out of town traveling and so I am behind on looking at peoples new work. Can’t wait to take a look at your new stuff tonight. Sending you both lots of hugs and love from North Carolina. Joni

      1. Joni, you left me wordless and the only appropriate word was marvelous! You are an amazing poet and I greatly enjoy your work! All the best to you and your husband may you’ve a lovely night.

      2. Thank you so very much my dearest Francisco. Your trust and faith in me as a poet is precious to me. You are a blessing to me. Thank from the poem of my heart. You two how an amazing week. Love to you both dear friend. 💕❤️🤗😘😘

  2. Your poetry manages to be intensely personal but full of imagery and metaphor accessible to others. There is real depth to your multi-layer verses. They invariably leave me wondering but strangely satisfied. Thank you.

    1. Thank you my friend. Your words on this piece means more than you cam imagine. It is so appreciative. Thank you so very much Stuart. Have a blessed day. Hugs and much love to you both.
      Love ya 💕🤗🤗🤗❤️❤️

    1. Thank you so very much for your gracious and supportive words my dear friend. They do mean so much. Love and hugs Joni 💕❤️🤗😘 so grateful we met. Love ya Joni

    1. Bulbul, it’s so nice to hear from you my friend. I so appreciate you reading and making such a very lovely compliment. I will never forget how sweet and kind you were in encouraging me to get my first piece published. You helped to open doors with your faith in my work, and that is something I will never forget.

      1. Oh, Joni! I did nothing special and I can’t believe you still think about it. Frankly, it was your own potential and fantastic work which opened doors for you. And I am very happy to hear from you as well! I hope you are doing well along with your loved ones.
        Stay blessed, dearest, keep shining. xoxxo

      2. Thank you sweetie. You are being gracious and kind. Thank you for your sweet words. You are a very special and beautiful person Bulbul. I am so blessed to know you. Love you Joni 💕❤️🤗

  3. Beautiful Joni! Life can be a scary connection with confusion and suffering. I love the concepts that you show using contrasting words and metaphoric expressions. All are very thought-provoking! Big hugs to you Joni for always sharing crumpet s and Java! 💓🍂🍮🍮🍂🔔

    1. You are so gracious and kind. You also seem to appreciate and understand what I am trying to do with my poetry. I am so grateful that you read me. It means so much to my heart. Thank you my loving friend. Sending extra love and blessings to you. Love you Joni 💕❤️🤗🌹🙏

  4. Ah…..Joni. I seriously have no words for how deeply this slayed me. It’s an entire Universe of so many emotions within itself. You captured everything. Bowing to You and this completely raw and soooo eloquently and gently penned slice of….sigh. ❤️🙏🏼❤️

    1. As usual you always get my poetry. It is a lot of emotions mixed up on a canvas much like I imagine your artwork, would be. Thank you for reading Katy I can’t imagine how busy you are. I am delighted that you enjoyed the piece. It may be too visceral for some. I am glad you got it. Thank you sweetie. Love, hugs and blessings coming your way. 💕🤗🧚‍♀️🧚‍♀️🥰🐉🐉

      1. Oh! You are so sweet!!! It’s COMPLETELY my pleasure, dear Joni!!! Love, hugs and blessings coming right back at You!!! ❤️💖🤗🧚🏽🦋🐉😊💖❤️

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