couple of chicks sittin’ ’round readin’!

13 thoughts on “couple of chicks sittin’ ’round readin’!

    1. Thank you that was so much fun and so sweet of Katy to do an art piece to go with the post. Don’t we just find ourself with happy smiles for having so many like minded and diverse artist in this community.
      Yea!!!! What is your sweet character doing today. Sending lots of love Colleen. Thank you for what you do because it makes me smile. Love 🤗💕❤️Joni

  1. Honeybun, this is a wonderful surprise. I did not see your book on Amazon until now. I am glad it is there now. Congratulations from the bottom of my heart. Katy’s review is beautiful. I’ll buy this week. I can’t wait to read. After that my review will come.
    I am thrilled for you. I love you. May you be successful and blessed.
    YAY! I am really happy!

    1. Thank you so much beautiful Button. I just really haven’t marketed my dystopian novel much. Poetry is more my thing. I wrote it more than two years ago. Katy was very gracious with her review. I know you are up against a deadline sweetie so please don’t feel you need to read it. I am so flattered and blessed to have Katy’s gracious review. Please do read it if you want when you have free time. It is lovely always to hear from you Button. (I started this comment two hours ago and just got off the phone ugh). Katy’s book is beautifully written what a delight she is as I know you already know this. You are so thoughtful for offering and obviously I won’t try and stop you just please know I am aware that you have a lot on your plate always. I am so excited to read your next book as the pieces you have published are brilliant. I love you Button and so appreciate your kind support. You have been a real blessing to me. I hope you are enjoying your college break although I know you are always doing something not only as a professor but on your forthcoming book. Thank you dearest Button, I am sending you love frozen in crystals. When you hand them on a window the light will let out the heat and colors of all kinds of love. The fairies will be there tonight.
      I love you,
      Yours honeybun

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