The Luna Moth

By Joni 02/01/20 – Photo by Joni – Reading time one-minute and 5 seconds

Gazing out my window, I am thankful for an abundance of treasures. Two squirrels are scrapping for upside downtime on the bright red bird feeder.  One gives up and begins to eat the seeds that are dropping steadily underneath. The moss is still so green around the edge of the surrounding trees.  I watch patiently hoping the Red Tail hawk will visit again. Yesterday morning two were sitting side by side. Their large white bellies sport dark pokey dots.  So close together were they, that I only saw one until the other flew to the left, leaving behind a friend.  They blend so perfectly with the white and dark bark of the barren willow oak.  This morning nature’s generous gifts are everywhere.  Bunnies come to snuggle one another in the still chilly air.  The thick green vine that grows up the side of the porch moves gently with the soft breeze.  Slight grey moths hide in between her large shiny leaves, and a small bird with a light green belly makes a dive for one.  Close by; there is a much larger visitor.  The Luna moth, with its vast green body, signifies new beginnings and a quest for knowledge. This glorious moth is also a sign of heightened awareness and a gift of intuition.  Already given these gifts through my childhood, I consider where I am right now at this very moment. I am at peace. I rest in the hands of my Holy Father, and I give Him thanks. The Maker of these precious gifts, which I am fortunate to receive each morning as I awake in a safe and beloved life.

15 thoughts on “The Luna Moth

  1. What a cute photo! And oh yes, how precious it is to KNOW, be secure that we are in the hands of our loving Father, who is Sovereign over everything in our lives. He won’t drop us, or lay us down and forget that we need him every hour. May you be hugely Blessed this Lord’s Day, Sister Joni 💕

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    1. So true. I have read about how these little critters forget often where they bury their nuts. The crack me up. Love you my friend. I am still having trouble with getting notified of my comments. I don’t understand what I am doing wrong. Irritating, it may be me. It is pretty here my friend. I love the trees especially. Love you my sweet sister in Christ. Hugs Joni

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      1. I am going to do a chat with them tomorrow. Perhaps I am the gremlin and am doing something wrong. I like to do everything from the reader page. Hope you are having a blessed day my sweet friend. Love 💕 Joni

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