Chase the Deep

Floating in an ancient bubble of magic water,
Shelter frees me from the toxic air outside,
Ascending quickly fiery hot fueling forest fires,
No stench of noxious fumes can seize me,
For Angels pass me by with wings of feathers fair,
They know many humans just don't seem to care.

Deforestation is unbridled and now mass flooding,
Erasing all nutrients needed in the deepest soil.
Tears fall on a trilling dolphin below snarled in a net,
A red-haired mermaid frantic tries to set him free.
Plastic islands, tangled birds, are not their choice,
Evening chirping gone now, as is their joyful voice.

My friend, the angel, drops me by the crying sea,
I climb upon an injured whale my sad soul hurts,
For dying as he takes a final dive, I hold on tight,
We ride awhile, and others try to chase the deep,
Ocean waves move rough tainted waters spinning,
I take a dying breath; the humans are now winning.

"Remember when, how and why God created our beautiful earth,
Every living creature He put here has its unique and loving worth."

2 thoughts on “Chase the Deep

    1. So true my friend. I get truly sad about the way people don’t seem to care. I hope I am not here when there is no water or food. Maybe we will be in heaven then. Sleep well my dear friend. Love you Anna. J ❤️❤️❤️

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