AM Ballet

Whisking the eggs, opening drawers, the movement of feet,
Along with the sounds of crinkling plastic as he opens the bread,
The pampering is about to begin as this wife is about to be fed.

Then sizzling comes when egg-soaked bread hits the hot pan,
I cozy up to the pillows behind my head and await with a smile,
Footsteps are coming I am about to be served breakfast in style.

“Here it is, just the way you like it!” He says with his sexy way,
Oh how I love him and appreciate this gift, our sweet AM ballet!

by JK Caggiano 10/12/19
French Toast with strawberries and syrup, butter and a splash of Amaretto Liquor – pic by Joni (gotta love the camera on your phone in moments like these. I am blessed! Here is a thank-you for all the kind men in the world!

4 thoughts on “AM Ballet

    1. Thank you kind hearted friend. I am sending you my love, my thoughts and prayers are with you. I wish there were better words, kinder words to say dear friend. These words seem lost in such times. I love you. ❤️

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