Fishing with My Inner Child

My inner child is now smiling honestly,
As a memory comes so vividly and sweet,
Pouring into me like warm maple syrup,
Over golden pancakes, piled up a mile high.
The sun hits open curtains, I am now awake,
No chaos here, just the joy of being a child,
Climbing out of cool sheets, I rise quietly,
I dress now, and am leaving sleepy heads behind!
Bare feet, feeling moisture from the dew,
Smells intermingled with my childhood bliss,
Water spiders, horse flies and gnats stir softly,
A wild, world of nature’s bounty welcomes me!
I smell the old fishpond mixed with honeysuckle,
Under my token oak, I grab my long cane pole,
Settling in a patch of silky, green, fresh cut grass,
Armed with worms, red bobber, and precious time.
Casting my weighted line as close to the center,
My young eyes dart and take in the splendor,
Dragonflies soar and land while fish are a jumping,
Worn cutoffs, sandspurs and safety lounge here!
My big, red, oversized bobber is jerking now,
Skilled hands of mine, set, tug and then yank,
The fishing leader comes up with a wide brim,
Five inches from head to tail, and I squeal with joy!
Unhooked, fighting now, it cuts me with its fin,
Bright red and yellow belly covered in white scales,
Placing gently this prize in my old feed bucket,
Filled with ice to keep it fresh, and safe for eating! 

My delight is uncontainable, but now, I am out of bait,
The heat now forming lines on already brown skin,
Trapping crickets to lure, schools of fish, I've yet to catch,
A dozen now, wild happiness explodes my toothy smile!
Jumping up, fish in tow, into my Auntie’s now,
Her pale, kind, southern face smiles as she says,
“Let’s get these, guted, cleaned and cooked for you,”
Grits, red-eyed gravy, and biscuits now on her table.
Fresh caught fish replace the table’s center piece,
With a whiff, the smell of coffee brewing fills the kitchen,
My Auntie smiles, eyes sparkle, with such pride and love,
I capture all aromas, tastes, and memories of wonder!
Held in my heart to summon, when pondering on that child,
Amongst the pain, sprouts tender seeds of childlike beauty,
My fairy land, my insulated shelter, hidden and protected,
A place, my inner child goes, to remember this glorious reflection!

Written for my beloved Aunt who offered up such a safe place to me, as a child. She also taught me so much about God’s loving grace and unconditional love!

See You When I Get to Heaven

4 thoughts on “Fishing with My Inner Child

  1. Thank you smj I have so many wonderful memories as a child swimming, fishing and even going out in a tiny rowboat in that pond. I can see and smell that amazing place when I close my eyes. So glad you enjoyed it.


  2. Thank you for sharing this cherished memory, Joni. We catch a glimpse of the beauties childhood can offer. I am gratified to know that you were — at least occasionally — provided a respite from the darkness of your childhood. God is good. Kindness is like light water on the desert of an abusive childhood. May love and peace surround you now. ❤ ❤ ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you sweet Anna. Yes I am so grateful for those times and happy memories. This was a refuge for me. You always understand my poetry. Thank you for reading and your kind comments. Love you J 🤗💕🙏

      Liked by 1 person

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