Love and Tears Blended

I stretch out my arm,
Feeling soft skin,
A tender reminder,
Of hearts joined together.
Somedays sadness comes,
Reaching inward to tangle,
That which holds me together,
My faith, my love, my heart.
No train, bus or car,
Can travel my path,
Or live my life for me,
I must keep moving and be strong.
Again, I stretch out my arm,
Forgetting how to cry,
Tears all dried up,
Still needing life to stir and blend me.
I cry out to God to say,
You are my truth,
I am weak and guilt still hampers,
Freedom from past times.
I roll over, knees drawn inward,
Sleep will come like a cover,
Tomorrow is another day,
Intertwined, one heart with another!
 A warrior, a dance of strength,
Grabs me, reminds me of my hopes,
I reach for my dreams,
They are floating but so can I.
My way will come like the blossoms,
On the flowering pear tree,
Covering me with a blanket of blooms,
And a carpet of warmth and love!

5 thoughts on “Love and Tears Blended

    1. Thank you so very much for your kind words. I hope that by sharing the sad events in my life, it may hopefully help another ACOA who is striving to find balance and happiness in their life.

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