My Best Friend Janette

My friend’s pain pushes on my swollen heart,
Strength like a lioness, beauty bursting forth,
Trials dragging and pulling deep inside her,
Yet she reigns in life with such great strength! 
A survivor, savoring each moment life gives, 
Admiration and amazement I feel tenderly,
Towards my friend, a link, a gift of love to me,
Never complaining, but a statue, and pillar of life.
Her photos capture what lies behind those eyes,
Beauty, affection and all God’s creation she perceives,
Ponytails intact, while riding her four-wheeler,
Zeke, her constant companion who wanders with her.
Cabin living, crabbing, soaking up words as she reads,
Finding peace in forgetting, while nature surrounds,
Savoring blessings and the man whom she loves,
As well as peaceful walks, talks, and moments of silence.
A multilayered woman who gives all and spares only,
Her own needs as she does for others with devotion,
Always there for me, I find comfort in knowing such a gift,
As she’s my longest friend, who loves me, just the way I am!

(Dedicated to my best friend, living and loving in the Northwest)

(My Best Friend Janette and her loyal friend Zeke) Love you bunches

5 thoughts on “My Best Friend Janette

  1. Thank you Joni for this beautiful poem you wrote for me, from your heart. I love each word. You have such talent, thank you for sharing it with others.

    1. Thank you so much for your very kind words. Yes, I am blessed to have her friendship. Thanks so much for reading and your sweet comment.

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