Three Poems Written When I was 17

Wind Song

Hanging from a heartless hook you remain suspended,

Your structured tube and strings attaching leave you.

Lost in an atmosphere of windless room with hidden song,

Songs never to be breathed or whispered disappear.

If ere a whiff of paradise does come your sleepy way,

Awaken in a dance of life to supplement the day!

Death of a Flower

A train of lonely people gathered within a dreamer’s eye,

Forgotten memories and dried seasons silently race by.

Crusted waves caress his face, while running down his cheek,

Unseen trails of tomorrow, the blind man’s cane will seek.

Lonely lines of untouched flesh await nervously to be restored,

While another night of only dark this mind can not afford.

Empty hands and empty hearts can force a rose to die,

The lonely people met and laughed, the dreamer failed to cry.

No Name

Patterned wings did dance,

As butterflies touched flowers,

Wetting tiny throats!

10 thoughts on “Three Poems Written When I was 17

  1. All three lovely, Joni. “Empty hands and empty hearts can force a rose to die” — That is a heart wrenching line. Much love to you, my friend. May God grant you happier days. <3 <3 <3

    1. God blesses me everyday dearest Anna. I was a teenager when I wrote these. Thank you for reading although I don’t want you to upset yourself in any way. Love ❤️ Joni

    1. Thank you my friend John for your very kind comment. Yes those poems were written a long time ago. I hope things are loosening up there in Michigan. The CDC appears to be saying once you are fully vaccinated which means you have had 14 days after your last vaccination you can go out without a mask pretty much everywhere but Dr.’s offices and hospitals. Hopefully things are lightening up there as well. I feel badly for all the local smaller businesses that have lost what they worked so hard to build, but unfortunately even large stores are now gone. Thank you for reading my work it means a lot to me. I always enjoy your beautiful romance stories. Sending my love, hugs and prayers. I hope your family and your grandchildren are all well. xoxoxoxo Joni

    1. John thank you for this my dear friend. Very gr acious of you to reblog this old post, you are a sweetheart. Take the best of care my friend. Love you, Joni xoxoxoxo

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