My Dear Friends, I’m very excited to announce that I’m going to be included along with other fellow writers in the first anthology from “The Short Of It“!  My two pieces, “Lost Love” and “The Lighthouse,” will be part of the new publication, “The Sound of Brilliance,” to be published in the next few months. […]

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One With The Earth

Beneath the brown earth, roots connected to my red blood vessels talk to me of hidden sorrows. Lonely is the earth, weeping tears flooding the soil as the browns turn to shades of gray and black. Reaching my shadow voice, it pulls my heartstrings to the point of such tautness, my pores weep, for I […]

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Plea for Grace

Poem Written by Joni Caggiano on 07/23/20 – Painting Courtesy of Birmingham Museum via Open is my pounding heart as raw emotions; I do so often share Stunned by your compassion, God, for our love, hope, and prayer Intense your light, as on my knees Lord, You often find me there Like David to […]

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Calabash Pipe

I walk through dark waters and study them turning memories to bloodthe full moon shines her dreamless side down, with disdain for the divinemoving into the shadows and the grays of night, with its cautious armstwo lovers lost their way, in the swamp, where the cypress grows into the airtattered pieces of white crinoline torn, […]

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Magic wings of evening time, lost, a button droppedA silk tie lies upon the clock that abruptly stoppedFrozen bitter is my stare; I ought not have tarried thereIt was I who flew into our nest of love, to be fairLike a red ant your painful sting and blistering markOur moon blinked and sadly left me […]

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A Visitor

Yellow legs plump with pollen movewith steadfast zeal to each snowy bloomOccupying her spring business by eyeingpridefully her beauty in the reflection ofmirror image rather than this star, a rare breedKnown for her salient clusters of scarlet berriesvivid male Bluebirds come to feast uponHer tangled web of thick branches heavythese hunted berries are a delicacy […]

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