More Poems Written at Age 17


To float above the mountains snowy pointed tips,

Reaching the rainbows end, with our homespun ships,

Playing patty cake with little elves that bring the mornings dew,

Oh yes, my eternal love, that was truly me and you!

Spending golden weekends on the forever smiling moon,

Observing the whole world from inside our glass balloon,

Talking to the glowing things, that at night did rule the sky,

Oh yes, my eternal love, that was truly you and I!

Seeking good things which had not yet been sought,

Giving things to one another, rocks and butterflies we’d caught,

Leaving behind our clocks and all means of acknowledging time,

To lie upon clover blankets, and mountains of love we did climb.

And when tired and sleepy at last, we finally did grow,

We had a special fairy’s land where we would up and go,

Then cuddled warmly, you would lay your head upon my breast,

Together dreaming hopes of tomorrow while we would safely rest!

Foot Print

The darkened mud held a foot print,

I wondered where it went.

Rain dribbled lightly, slowly filling it,

Bit by tiny bit.

I’ll find another one I thought,

Surely there must be a lot.

Walking on, in search of one I couldn’t even find,

Then I laughed for all I had to do was look behind!


Oh endless state of flickering fire, you penetrate my eye,

Secret visions for me, you cast on the wall nearby.

Struggling in timeless effort you slowly fall and rise,

Ignoring that your insides slowly empty, crippling your size.

Yet how inferior you are to those who ornament the sky,

For with little air, I could cause, your flickering to die!


If all would smile just once a day

Love would never go astray.

If ere each man would laugh and go,

Truly hate would fail to grow!

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