Tick Tock

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    1. Thank you dear Nigel. I am so glad you liked it and also grateful for your comment. Scott ask me the other day was their a new Tiny story out yet and looked and did not see one, so I think we will have to start another one. Your stories are amazing Nigel, honestly if you wrote a script and knew a contact in Hollywood you could make an amazing series with Tiny for television. Sending you big hugs my friend and blessings to you and your sisters always

      1. Some time this week I’ll have an episode with Tiny. Work has me so busy, I can’t even write a paragraph sometimes. But I hope to have two episodes done this week. Just for you and Scott. 😊

      2. Nigel please don’t just think of us, you are writing all kids of stories at the same time, I applaud your amazing ability. We are reading “Low Hanging Fruit. We just enjoy your work so much. You are amazing. Thank you for this sweet gesture. That touches my heart Nigel, such a kind man. Sending you great big hugs, Joni

      3. I know my dear friend. We are going to read some more (we read the first piece twice last night on the front porch). We will also be reading part of Mich’s #1 book “Locker.” I am so glad you did a forward and that is a very handsome photograph of you. Have a blessed day my friend. Big hugs, Joni and Scott

      4. Thank you Joni.. and you know I do hate taking pics 😜.. so happy that you and Scott are enjoying my stories. You’ve made my day. 😊

    1. You are a sweetie Tim, I think you would enjoy it here Tim. Cows in the pastures and Buck and fawns laying in the yard. Just a great place to escape and 15 minutes from everything you would ever need to do. Thank you for your kind comment on my piece. 🌹

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