“Unloved” Now Live at SpillWords Press NYC

Photograph by Joni Caggiano – “The Gossips” Sculpted by Louise McDowell 1996 – cast bronze – City of Kirkland, Washington

born underneath the protective eye of the goat
I am a stained and blood-red topographical map,
a blindfolded gnat adrift trying to find an empathetic ear
time, tick-tock, is a heavy lump of coal, acrid, black, yet a gift

watching red embers float like seared feathers
remembering painful words, like silkworms burrowing
bring flashes of time embroidering freedom into endless angst
abalone shells fight for space but forever remain dormant in the sand

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49 thoughts on ““Unloved” Now Live at SpillWords Press NYC

    1. Hello dear Cassa Bassa, you are right she was perfect for this piece. There were actually three of these ladies and the title of the statue was “The Gossips.” I loved her face and the piece was beautiful I thought. Thank you so much for reading my friend it means a lot. Big hugs, love and blessings to you!❤️

    1. Thank you so much for your kindness for reading and for your comment, my friend. Sending love and hugs to you both. Big hug coming your way as well. Love Joni

  1. A heart touching poem, Joni! The last line shows your faith in God. Congratulations on its publication 🎉💐❤️

  2. A heart touching poem, Joni! The last line shows your immense faith in God. Congratulations on its publication 🎉💐💖

    1. Hello my dear friend. Thank you so much for reading and for your lovely comment. Yes, God has walked along beside me my whole life. He also saved my life more than once while I lived with my family and was little. My mom tried to kill me once in a vehicle going 80 miles an hour heading right for a power pole on a dirt road, and when I knew I would be with God soon I was also preparing myself at around 6 years old for the pain. However, instead we ended up in my Aunt’s driveway. God literally dropped the car down safely into a relatively safe place. So, he wasn’t ready for me to leave this earth yet. I hope that I add some sense of possibility of a relatively healthy and productive life for those other ACOA’s who endured living with two alcoholic parents I sort of took care of, instead of the other way around. May God bless you my wise friend. Sending big hugs to you!

      1. It’s a heart wrenching story, Joni! Alcohol is a great enemy of humanity and compassion. But as you said, and as I said in one of my posts that destiny holds the upper hand. Here, we start imposing faith in the Almighty. Thank you, Joni for sharing your own real experience. I salute your courage and conviction. Stay blessed always! Much love to you 💖💐

      2. Thank you so much KK. I love this quote from Mother Teresa, “I love my people very much, more than myself, and so naturally I wish to give them the joy of possessing the treasure that is my religion, but it is not mine to give, nor can I force it on anyone. So also no man, no law, no government has the right to prevent or force me, or anyone; if I choose to embrace the religion that gives me peace, joy and love.”

        I appreciate your kind words to me always KK. I believe you to be a man of wisdom and I have a lot of respect to you. That you for your friendship. I will be in touch more once we get settled in Virginia. Big hugs and lots of love my dear friend.

      3. Thank you so much, Joni, for your kind words of appreciation and also for sharing a beautiful quote from Mother Teresa, who had adopted India as her home. Her work is praiseworthy across the globe. It’s my privilege to have a clean hearted person like you as my friend. All the best for all your future endeavours. Love and blessings to you 💓💐🙏

      4. Thank you so much for this kind comment my friend. Sorry for the long delay. Arrived into our new place in VA and just got set up on internet today. I love Mother Teresa, what a precious soul she was, her love, desire to help others, and amazing work she did for India showed that her heart was bigger than her body. It is nice to be in our new location and I hope I will have time to catch up a day at a time. Sending you lots of love back my wise friend.

      5. Glad you have arrived at a new place. All the best, my friend! Thanks so much, Joni!

  3. You’re a master of imagery and metaphor, Joni. This is deep and moving. Classic “Joni poetry.” 🙂 Congratulations on having this published at Spillwords, my friend! 🙂

    1. What kindness coming from a brilliant poet whose work I so admire. I really appreciate that word “Classic” because I do think my poetry has a unique style and this is me with my raw work. I always think it is my best work when it is honest and raw – I put myself out there like you do Mike. That is also one of the reason I love your work so much. You write from the heart and you can feel your poetry deep in the heart. Have a blessed week my friend. Love Joni ❤️

    1. God Bless you Tim. Thank you so much for reading and this lovely comment which means so much. I will write you about the house we picked. You were so helpful and although we are ending up in the mountains of Virginia, it was very tempting to live in the mountains of New Mexico. We both can understand your love of the land there. Have a blessed week you two. Much appreciation from us both. ❤️

      1. Virginia mountains might suit you better since that’s closer to where you are. Making a move to the dry SW can be a bit overwhelming.

      2. You are right and so expensive. I will be able to still see one of my doctors as well. It has been a very overwhelming experience anyway. I wouldn’t ever recommend that anyone do a two closings on the same day. What a nightmare that almost stopped everything. Tim you are such a gracious and considerate man. I have always loved visiting your land and place through your amazing photographs. Thank you always for what you do. Big hugs and love, Joni

      3. You two are superwoman and superman to do two closings in one day. I’m impressed.

      4. Thank you Tim for your comment. It was very stressful. Scott and I are both very grateful for all the help you supplied when we were considering New Mexico. It was extremely useful and in the end we decided that we wanted to be surrounded by trees and the costs of housing was good too. It feels nice to have almost three and a half acres. We are at the end of a dead end street and our neighbors are Amish, and we think farmers. So it is lovely and peaceful and traffic is null and void in this area. So peaceful. Blessings to you two and thank you again for your friendship Tim.

    1. Thank you so much Barbara, to get a WOW out of you is a comment indeed. You write so beautifully yourself. I so appreciate your reading and commenting. We leave in five days. I respect and appreciate you so much and also as a mentor as well. Have a blessed week, and thank you again. Big hugs, Joni

      1. Thank you Barbara and sorry this is so late. We moved in a couple of days ago and Scott got us up and running on the internet this morning. I have a lot of reading to do to catch up with both sites. I may have to just start reading as of today or I will never get anything else done. It is nice to be able to spend some time on-line again. There are the boxes of stuff that will eventually have to be dealt with but we are taking things a day at a time. Sending my love and respect my friend. 🌹 Joni

    1. Thank you so much Tim and for reading and your comment. I always get a big smile every time I see your name and know that you have read something I wrote. You are a dear friend and once I get settled in Virginia I will be back on a more regular schedule. Thank you so much. Big hugs and love and I am glad you liked that hopeful ending. Where there is hardship there is always hope! ❤️

      1. So sorry for the long delay in responding. We got to Virginia two days ago and just got our internet. Thank you Tim your emails and comments have always meant so much to me. I treasure our interactions. Sending hugs and love to you and your loved ones.

    1. Thank you so much dearest Anna. We are now in VA and are still settling in and catching up on sleep and comments. Please forgive the late response and hope that the family is still doing well. I think you are right it is very difficult to think about the abuse and often to write about it but I receive feedback from people that leads me to believe that it still helps to hear from a non-clinical professional, that they are not alone. Bless your heart Anna and I pray that you are doing well too. Big hugs and my love to you and your family. Joni

  4. Sorry it has taken me so long to comment on this gem:) Congratulations Joni for being published on Spillwords. It is most deserving, with your flashes and one-line images that build a picture of a life of tired struggle and yet..while we have life, our fate can be changed. I loved this message, crafted so well, in your beautiful style, that I have come to know and love. Big hugs and much love to you 🤗❤️🌹

    1. Please don’t apologize ever to me Karima. I am the one who has been absent for a long time. Moving has been hard. I am truly glad you enjoyed the piece, as I love the way you write and look forward to settling into a routine here. Still unpacking but getting there. Love you bunches Karima and before the end of the week, I promise you I will catch up with a recording. It is so much fun for me to do that. It is like getting a big surprise in the mail. Big hugs and my love, Joni

    1. Thank you Cindy. I am happy you liked it. Those who have never felt loved are happy to see a family like yours who enjoys each other and want to spend time with you. We are blessed. Sending my best. Love to your family Cindy. 🌹Joni

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