Top Billing

They walk proudly, petite heads held high,Eyes darting about at the sound of any unfamiliar noise,Both leads growing taunt as a squirrel runs by. Red ants enfold the corpse of a tree frog,Steering excited feet away from their potential sting,Greeting a neighbor about to start his jog. Tails wag as smell leads them to new […]

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Love and Coffee

Sweet the smell of his now sunken pillow Where he lays his buzzed and weary head. Gentle sounds carefully filtered find a way Into my cozy waking moments in our bed. Sheets still warm hold imprints of touch, Along with fragments of his voice deep. Gentle footsteps in the kitchen moving, Making coffee to awake […]

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On a merry-go-round of perception on a tall prancing, painted horse, Shifting patterns of movement and thoughts are fleeting swiftly by, Recesses of memories, flying by with odd faces, I try to stay the course. Tightening my grip on leather straps, I can remember those days gone by, A small, speedy heart is pumping, as […]

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Pierced with sharp objects the skin grows tight, Disillusionment fraught with dishonesty stings, As those you love, with one swipe cut at your wings! Your adversary hides like the spider in a new web, Jealousy, cruelty and embitterment take a slice, Your heart is now fully aware of their shallow device. Your tissue toughens to […]

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My Wrath

Lips pucker and brows wrinkle as he stares.Anger burrows in deep erasing his kind features.Borne is this unsummoned yet familiar creature,From the inferno of my own unrestrained wrath.Stinging remarks racing from my impertinent gateway,Chilling his heart and granting birth to my sin and guilt. by Joni 6/19

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Remember, Never Forget

Night shrouded in confusion, The jungle spewed forth, It’s rain, bugs and all beasts, Slithering forth, Amongst the sulking fog. Standing guard in the dark, Soaked in mud and fear, Diligent eyes darting perimeters, Guarding brothers, Desperate for slumber. So lonely, and how he craved, A cigarette for company, But the light was an open […]

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The Garden of Gethsemane

Christ loved, was devoted, preached, and fed and did so many heal,What trying thoughts, must have he borne, and carried with him here,Could he feel the anger and the hate from the many, as he did thus kneel? As Jesus prayed to his Father, Peter, John, and James fell  off to sleep,Flesh took over, giving way […]

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My Best Friend Janette

My friend’s pain pushes on my swollen heart,Strength like a lioness, beauty bursting forth,Trials dragging and pulling deep inside her,Yet she reigns in life with such great strength!  A survivor, savoring each moment life gives, Admiration and amazement I feel tenderly,Towards my friend, a link, a gift of love to me,Never complaining, but a statue, and […]

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Fishing with My Inner Child

My inner child is now smiling honestly,As a memory comes so vividly and sweet,Pouring into me like warm maple syrup,Over golden pancakes, piled up a mile high. The sun hits open curtains, I am now awake,No chaos here, just the joy of being a child,Climbing out of cool sheets, I rise quietly,I dress now, and […]

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