Her Hands Remembered

Wafer-thin like parchment paper was her aged and petite hands,
In utter awe, I watched them fashion such a dance with magic.
Smooth was the full, ample wooden bowl from a long history,
Of the artful formation of her famously yummy buttermilk biscuits.
Fingers old and steady, so familiar with each curve as she readies
The never varying Ingredients used for years to feed a big family.
I watch her telling eyes as they become glazed over with familiarity,
A task often repeated during the great depression with skilled care.
Into the core of the worn bowl gradually white flour was sifted,
Piled high to make a wonderous treat for her hungry grandchildren.
Crisco arranged into the center of the flour along with buttermilk,
Like a pirouette of dancers, the dough was now artfully formed.
Dough spread narrow with an old and treasured wooden rolling pin,
Then a recent empty metal can cut perfect ring-shaped biscuits.
Sitting on feet, scrutinizing my grandmother’s every graceful move.
Into the old gas stove, they went in rows, as I sat silently watching,
Yearning to grasp each detail of the memory of this cherished day.
I knew we were moving, and I might never see her sweet face again.
Senses lively with the smell of the aroma of the perfect biscuit,
As we waited eagerly for their white tops to rise and grow brown
Eating the labors of her love on a plastic tablecloth, I became sad.
Savory homemade raspberry jam and buttermilk wonders filled me.
Somehow I knew this would be the last dance of her hands for me,
I ate slowly and studied her, loved her, and mourned my loss of her.

by JK Caggiano 9/28/2019

My Grandmother and I – I Loved Her Dearly, A Godly Woman – the face of an angel!

6 thoughts on “Her Hands Remembered

  1. Wow, what a beautiful description of this act of love, and in this day where delicious biscuits are very easy to get from McDonald’s or Bojangles, it was much more labor intensive to get it right. Love this!

    BTW, whats’s “Crisco”? 🤓

    1. Thank you my dear friend in Seattle. I can picture her frail, paper thin hands still working that dough. She had the sweetest face. Thank you for always reading and for your kind comments, they mean the moon and back. Love you Janette

    1. Oh I am so glad it did. I think she had the face of an angel. She loved God very much. We get to see all these people again and what a comfort I find in this. Love ❤️ you Anna

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