Remember, Never Forget

Night shrouded in confusion,
The jungle spewed forth,
It’s rain, bugs and all beasts,
Slithering forth,
Amongst the sulking fog.
Standing guard in the dark,
Soaked in mud and fear,
Diligent eyes darting perimeters,
Guarding brothers,
Desperate for slumber.
So lonely, and how he craved,
A cigarette for company,
But the light was an open invite,
For their enemy,
So eager to attack.
Thoughts of his loved ones,
A baby boy on its way,
No posts for months now,
He marveled at the thought,
Of her sleeping face.
Time to pass the burden of the guard,
Slowly crawling to his buddy,
Movement from behind,
Stilled by a shift in silence,
Motionless he lay.
He felt the warmth of his own blood,
Brutally straining to yell,
Unable to speak, he crawled,
Towards his brothers,
As a soul journeyed upward.
Not another life was spent that night,
A hero from afar, on blood-soaked soil,
Loyal, and keen till the end,
Trusted by each of them,
Death was the duty laid on him.

8 thoughts on “Remember, Never Forget

    1. Thank you so much for reading. I am so grateful for all those who have served our Country including my father who served in the Korean War.

      1. I am having trouble remembering my password, the anonymous comment is from Janette.

  1. This so clearly evokes the jungle warfare of Vietnam, and countless other lonely outposts. We civilians back home forget the heroes who stand guard, while we sleep. May God bless and protect all those young men and women. They deserve our undying gratitude. Well done, Joni. <3

    1. Oh Anna how lovely to hear from you. Always so kind to read my work. Thank you for
      Understanding and commenting on this piece. I have tried to imagine what it must have been like and how frightening for those men just barely old enough to be called men giving their lives so quickly so far away from home in a jungle. Then to be ridiculed in their own Country. It is enough to break your heart. Thank you so much dearest Anna. Love ❤️ Joni

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