Top Billing

They walk proudly, petite heads held high,
Eyes darting about at the sound of any unfamiliar noise,
Both leads growing taunt as a squirrel runs by.
Red ants enfold the corpse of a tree frog,
Steering excited feet away from their potential sting,
Greeting a neighbor about to start his jog.
Tails wag as smell leads them to new mounds,
Treated with white poison, we guide them safely away,
Besieged with so many scents on their rounds.
Feet of neighbors seem an object of such appeal,
Some days they sit watching for stray cats while we talk,
Esther stays close as a toddler lets out a squeal.
After much strolling her slight bladder seem to run dry,
Lifting her leg Esther still attempts a calling card,
Gizzy now empties his bladder with his leg held up high.
Tired from the humid heat Gizzy still gains top billing,
Managing to leave some mail on top of her failed attempt,
Esther’s heart was in it, but her bladder was not willing.

by JK Caggiano 9/26/19 (Love to all our lovely writing community and thanks for letting me be a part of something so special!)

2 thoughts on “Top Billing

    1. They sure are. They give us unconditional love like Jesus does. I also truly believe that we will be able to talk to animals in heaven. Hugs and love my friend Anna. ❤️ Joni

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