My Wrath

Lips pucker and brows wrinkle as he stares.
Anger burrows in deep erasing his kind features.
Borne is this unsummoned yet familiar creature,
From the inferno of my own unrestrained wrath.
Stinging remarks racing from my impertinent gateway,
Chilling his heart and granting birth to my sin and guilt.

by Joni 6/19

4 thoughts on “My Wrath

    1. You are very wise Anna I bet you were a difficult attorney to face in court. A force to be reckoned with always when fighting for your client. I wrote a lot when I was very young and as a teenager I was finally able to stand up to my little sister’s abuser. That was a big step for me. I was never able to stand up to my abusers. I stayed extremely busy which I imagined you did too. I think when I have days that I can’t seem to stop crying about something small is how my pain manifest itself still after so many years. We can hold each other in our hearts sweet Anna. God Bless your sweet heart. It is such a blessing to have met you here. I am so grateful. 🤗❤️💕

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      1. I certainly understand my dear sister. The same is true with me. I also have health issues too which I feel are directly related to the fear and abuse. I like yourself have leaned on Our Lord for my strength. I will be praying for your precious family Anna. Love you. ❤️🤗💕

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