The Artist

We live in between our own anxious, gasping breaths, On wonderland that is neither somewhere or nowhere, Up and down lies carefully on its side and dares to think, Within our creative cells and tortured thoughts derive, Pen, brush, music, and lens we work to capture the eyes, Expressing our images with the naked utter […]

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AM Ballet

Whisking the eggs, opening drawers, the movement of feet, Along with the sounds of crinkling plastic as he opens the bread, The pampering is about to begin as this wife is about to be fed. Then sizzling comes when egg-soaked bread hits the hot pan, I cozy up to the pillows behind my head and […]

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Beautiful Young Pin Cushion

Have you ever sensed it The poisonous sting of another? Piercing clothes, skin, muscle and bones Needles poking, pushing deeply into your eyes Looking away does naught to soothe the tender flesh. Burning bushes of anger deep inside you suddenly awakened Fraught with insecurities laid there deep-rooted by another And intense is the passion of […]

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Taken Down A Notch or Two

A couple of days ago I was taken down a notch or two. It was a blessing for me. I can’t spare too many inches as I am already only five foot two. However, I find myself a bit shorter today. I realized that I had judged someone a bit harshly who I felt had […]

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Remember, Never Forget

Night shrouded in confusion, The jungle spewed forth, It’s rain, bugs and all beasts, Slithering forth, Amongst the sulking fog. Standing guard in the dark, Soaked in mud and fear, Diligent eyes darting perimeters, Guarding brothers, Desperate for slumber. So lonely, and how he craved, A cigarette for company, But the light was an open […]

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Unconditional Love

Alas, my mind no longer lingers on journeying in hazy reverse, Until I can reach a purer, and unconfining version of myself. To explore the path of reality, tolerance must be softly born, As we embrace entirely, each moment in our space and time. Sorrowful beginnings must not render us unable to grasp joy. So, […]

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My Best Friend Janette

My friend’s pain pushes on my swollen heart,Strength like a lioness, beauty bursting forth,Trials dragging and pulling deep inside her,Yet she reigns in life with such great strength!  A survivor, savoring each moment life gives, Admiration and amazement I feel tenderly,Towards my friend, a link, a gift of love to me,Never complaining, but a statue, and […]

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