Beautiful Young Pin Cushion

Have you ever sensed it
The poisonous sting of another?
Piercing clothes, skin, muscle and bones
Needles poking, pushing deeply into your eyes
Looking away does naught to soothe the tender flesh.
Burning bushes of anger deep inside you suddenly awakened
Fraught with insecurities laid there deep-rooted by another
And intense is the passion of their glares, stares, and punctures.
Sulking somewhat and turning away,
The weight still bleeds her wearily
Why again, what now for I don’t even know you,
Never have you spoken to me nor known my inner heart,
Nevertheless, I know your name all too well,
By JK Caggiano 10/4/19

There is beauty in all things God created. The curve of one’s cheek, the space between teeth, or the smile given with tenderness to an unknown passerby, for all hold a unique splendor!

by JKC

7 thoughts on “Beautiful Young Pin Cushion

    1. Thank you for understanding exactly what I meant Anna. You are a sweetheart. I have really been thinking about you. I hope you are doing alright. Although it is sometimes hard for me to know what that even means. Love you dear Anna. 🤗❤️🙏


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