A Tribute To Every Veteran

My Father who served twenty years in the Army and was a veteran of the Korean War – I will always be so proud of his service – posted two years ago and I wanted to make a few changes – I hope you know we owe our lives to you all. That said, “How I pray for and long for peace. We can not see the damages that don’t remain in the mind.

white blanket, salty sand at the edges of a slice of life “forgotten war”
pale face of a thousand lives long since moved on, in shadow breath
wind blows adagio maiden grass wildly, on windy edge, prayers for long life
bright yellow cotton trees and willows call to the white ripples of confetti
long ponderous arms of cerulean firmaments, sun winks, summons up korea,
“land of morning calm,” a maiden whose sad memories rode war into hands of beauty suffocating youth, never did he love, after war, warm offering of a hand, an invitation
to feel war pass away with the warmth of a woman, he lays head in lap
caress bringing tears and arousing the need and desire to live  
doe with young fawns eat soft virescent moss and tread softly nearby
trumpet and tundra swans greet the sunset with darting eyes, sleep means dreams
old stone walls, craft firm trails, hold whispers toward heaven’s timeless streams
stones smooth, soft paths on low waters for a lover’s sigh, gratefulness pours
from wells, long ago dry as memories now flood out and families celebrate life
oh missouri river, fog streams of long-ago past, torments tear from slicing onions
voices of a thousand angels bringing soldiers home at last, complain of only bunions

To every man or woman who has ever served our country at such a high cost, not only to themselves but all their loved ones waiting, I owe them gratitude that can not be repaid. To every service person who has lost limb(s), their mental health, or those who have lost their lives, I owe a debt I can never repay. I don’t have words to express my gratefulness and gratitude to these heroes, so I say a prayer of thanks to every veteran. Within that prayer, I asked God to help keep war at bay and that no mother, father, or child should ever have to lose another loved one because of war. Amen

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  1. A beautiful tribute, Joani. Wonderful words, deep imagery, and a whole bunch of feelings, felt tenderly. I love this poem. Love and hugs. 🥰❤️

    1. Thank you so much Tim for your service and your wife and families support as well. I can never thank you or any service person for what they do or have done enough. God bless you my friend. 🤗🌹🌹🌹

    1. Brad please allow me to thank you from deep within my heart. I know it is a sensitive subject. I have profound gratitude for all service personnel and I will always be so proud of my dad for his service, and every woman and men that serves or have served. Thank you dear Brad. Love Jonikins ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

    1. Thank you Francisco for your service to this Country both in the military and within the police force. I send much gratitude to you my friend. I also am a big believer that those left behind, wife and children are also veterans too. God bless you and Gül for your service. Love to you two. 🤗❤️🌹🥰💕🙏Joni

  2. This is so beautiful Joni. So moving. I’m sure many of our beloved Patriots who served our country would be shocked to find that though we are not at war in. Far off lands for the first time that I can remember we are at war among ourselves. Thank you for this poem that touches the heart. ❤️🌹

    1. You are so very welcomed. It was your post which I listened to which gave me the sobs it was so beautiful, simple and yet that song was perfect and the choir touched my heart. I put your site link under the picture of my father. I wrote that poem watching the video you posted and the beautiful scenery. I couldn’t leave a message at your site. You are so right we are at war against ourselves which is heartbreaking. Stay safe and protect yourself dearest Holly. You stay in my prayers, you too are a hero to me. All medical staff are, love you sweetie. ❤️🤗🌹🥰🙏

      1. I’m glad you liked my tribute, that particular video and song just touches my heart and reminds me of all the young soldiers lost and how they are missed. Thank you sweet heart. Love you ❤️🌹🤗

      2. I loved it, so perfect a tribute. I immediately cried for my dad. It was so you, and so perfect. You are welcomed and I love you right back. ❤️🤗🌹🥰

      3. I’m from a military family too Joni. My grandfather had a Purple Heart 💜 he was wounded in Nam. I was an army brat. Married an AF soldier in Germany. Such a history. Have a wonderful day dearheart! 🥰❤️

      4. Oh my goodness what a small world. I was born in Munich, Germany. My best and gratitude for your grandfather’s and your husband’s service. There is something about those men in uniform. You are still serving your country. Blessings to one army brat to another. Haha. Love you Holly. ❤️❤️❤️

  3. Very beautiful, Joni. Sacrifices like these can never be repaid. They can only be acknowledged, respected, and remembered.
    PS – Will get back to you by email very soon. Thank you for all your support and patience. It means a lot to me. 🙂

    1. Thank you so much Terveen. You are so right. I have tried to imagine what it would be like and I truly don’t think I could handle even a day of battle. I love those that fight for us. I just wish we lived in a world where there was no war as it is so heartbreaking.
      Thank you there is no hurry I was just following up. We are trying to get ready for a trip. Both you and Gabriela have introduced us to some great new writers. I am really enjoying Masticadores very much. Have a blessed day. Hugs 🤗 Joni

      1. A trip sounds exciting. It’s finally time that things start assuming a new normal. I wish you a safe journey and hope that it’s all that you hoped for. 🙂

      2. Thank you so very much. We haven’t seen our grandchildren in going on three years and I miss my daughter so much. I am sure you can relate. We have been very careful, had vaccines and will still quarantine and get a rapid test before seeing anyone. My daughter told me, “Mom life can’t stop.” We are excited thank you Terveen. I really appreciate your kindness and well wishes. Sending many hugs from NC. 🤗🤗🤗❤️❤️❤️

  4. Well said, as always Joni. All veterans deserved to be thanked and honoured for their service. We have what we have because of them. Stay well Joni. Allan

    1. Thank you Allan. You are so right. I don’t think I could ever be a soldier, bless each and every one. I am a little nervous about traveling. I have had a booster but my husband is short about two weeks before he qualifies. We will be visiting his 83 year old dad who lost his wife this year. He looks like someone in their sixties. I can’t believe how much work to schedule travel now. You stay well too my friend. Sending many hugs and love to you both. ❤️🤗🌹🥰

    1. Oh thank you wise one. I watched the post, House of Heart posted yesterday and was in tears. Between the beautiful music and the singing in the video, the song “Shenandoah.” The video of the beauty of the land around the Missouri River inspired that poem. There is a link under my daddy’s picture if you want to watch her video. You love nature so I think you would love it. Hugs and love to you my wise friend. ❤️🤗🌹🥰💝🦋

      1. Of course you did. What was I thinking. That tiny detail you do that I love so much. Yes, in fact I told my husband the other day I wanted a red pickup just like my friend has. He looked at me like I was nuts (we did have a red smart car and now a grey one) I said the car the wise one drew. Then he smiled and laughed and said that was really cute. Boy, how I do digress. Holly is wonderful and so talented. She is a little hero also nursing on the front lines. Big hugs and love to you my dear friend. ❤️❤️❤️🥰🥰🥰

      2. Hahahahaha. I am laughing about the red truck. I would LOVE to have a truck like that too. Actually I ‘have’ one, in my imagination. You will see it on my Christmas post. And I am ‘building” one for Christmas too.

        Holly is amazing. I appreciate her.

      3. Well I hope in your imagination you will give me a ride in that red truck because I would love it.

        Holly has a super big heart just like you wise one. Have a wonderful week my kind friend. Love you 😘

    1. Yes it does dear Anna. My poor dad being in war at barely sixteen because he had no food to eat and it seemed like the right thing to do, took a costly toll. We will live in a world where there is no more war, pain, or wanting for anything. I am so comforted by what we have to look forward too. Praise God!! Love you and your precious family. ❤️❤️

    1. Oh that is so nice. I cried remembering my dad too. I was watching House of Hearts video and it touched me so much. It is what inspired me to write something. I am glad your father came home too. Love you dear Friend. Sending you big hugs and lots of love. ❤️🤗🥰🙏

    1. Thank you that is so kind Haoyan. I appreciate your very kind words. War is hard on everyone. One day there will be no more war. War is such a sad thing. Bless your heart for your sweet message. It means a lot. Love to you Haoyan. ❤️🤗🥰🌹

  5. Very heartfelt Joni. I too give tribute because I feel they are all heroes that have kept our country safe. Prayers dnd salutes always.🇺🇸🎖

    1. Thank you so much. You know I know coffee companies and other businesses shipped things to our soldiers in Iraq and I must say I was always touched by this. We don’t know nor can we begin to know the things we would miss unless we have been “feet on the ground,” so thanks to all the companies, foundations, etc. who love and care about our heroes.
      Hope you have a blessed week my friend. Love ❤️ and fresh brewed coming your way. ❤️🤗🌹🎊☕️☕️☕️☕️☕️

      1. Yes! You are right. Our military has insured for the benefits and security we have all received. What a lineage of patriots and heroes that should never be unrecognized. They out their lives on the line for our nation. Prayers and salutes always! Here are Bunches of hugs for you lovely lady!🌺♥️🌺♥️🌺🇺🇸🇺🇸

    1. Thank you so very much my friend. Also thank you for your years of service. I am grateful for you and all the sacrifices made. I get to see my grandchildren soon John. We are so excited. Sending big hugs to you and your family. ❤️🤗🌹⭐️🥰

    1. Thank you Button. I am glad you liked it. There is never a way to repay that debt to those who keep us safe. Sending you my love, hugs and prayers for a beautiful week. ❤️🤗🥰😘🙏🦋🌺💕honeybun

  6. Dear Joni, this is a beautiful tribute to your dad and veterans. I love your descriptive poem and heartfelt prayer ❤️ Sending big hugs and lots of love your way🤗💕🌸

  7. This is so beautiful and heartfelt, well done Joni! My father also served and barely made it out alive of Vietnam, I have always been proud of him, and all of the men and women who have served our country, with much respect.

    1. I am so glad he did Tiffany. I can’t imagine serving their. I know men who did who have suffered with agent Orange horrible. The price is so great and unfortunately for many a lifetime burden. I am not that strong. Sending my love Tiffany. ❤️🤗🥰

  8. Been thinking about you and missing our sister comments . . . saw that you are traveling for the Holidays and will be praying for you. May God keep you safe, healthy and protected. Hope you have a great time visiting with family. Love you sister ❤ 🤗🙏 deborah ann

    1. Deborah you are the sweetest and most dear woman that spreads the word of God. I love you. Yes we have had all our shots and I have had a booster. We are in a hotel quarantining to be sure. Then we will be blessed with seeing our families. Thank you so much for your prayers they mean so much. Love and prayers for you too dear sister. ❤️❤️🤗🙏🙏

  9. Thank you for this poem Joni to honor your Dad & all the men & women who serve our country past & present. They are incredible human beings & I appreciate their service & sacrifice, & their families. We are blessed to have these people protecting us. God Bless

    1. Thank you so much Janette for reading and being part of our community. I love you my dear friend. May God bless us with a wonderful visit as we are no longer 3,000 miles away from one another. I love you. Give Mark a big squeeze for me. Talk soon. Love you both. 💕🤗❤️🥰🙏

  10. Beautiful, Joni. I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving and a lovely time w/ family. My thanks and prayers go out to you for your friendship and your kindness. With love, A. <3 <3 <3

    1. It has been the most wonderful blessing Anna. Thank you so much. I am thankful for everyday we had with them. We are now on the Oregon Coast with my husband’s dad who lost his wife of fifty years this past year. They are having a blessed time. Thank you so much Anna, and know you are always in my heart and that I am sending my love. Joni xoxoxoxo

    1. You were the perfect military mom. Your husband Colonel “Tim,” has always been someone that we have felt so blessed to know. We also know that he could’ve gone all the way to a general, but wanted to spend time with family. Jill as you know, you are one of my best friends and also one of my truly beloved sisters. Your child was not affected by his dad time away, serving our country, because you were a loving and caring woman, you were always a mother first. I have always admired and considered myself grateful to have such a truly, dear friend, who knows a little bit about what it’s like for children as they get older and miss their dad. The sacrifice is so large, and the loving wife, misses the simple things, like snuggling at night, conversation over dinner, and being acknowledged for your contribution as a Co-soldier. The children as they get older, you’re beautiful son, who is an overachiever and an amazing university hockey player Missed playing hoops, and spending time with his dad. However, he is a wonderful father. Please give Tim my best today and tell him that we know he is aware of the price you paid as well for the service he provided over the thousands of men he was responsible for, and know that he always did the right thing for his men. May God bless you both! Thank Tim, Nick, and you, Jill, for playing the part of two parents when he was away serving his country. Happy Veterans Day. My prayer is that there will be no more war and God may indeed intervene. I love you very much, Jill, and consider you to be a woman in which to be revered for both your courage and your constant giving to others. 🇺🇸🇺🇸

  11. This is my first time reading this poem Joni. You dad looked so young and so happy. War changed him. It changes everyone involved.
    Your poem was so well written. The language masks so much sadness and trauma of the veterans, both those who served and those who agonizingly wait for them to return.
    I personally don’t like wars, or the men who start them, but I do respect any veteran who does their duty without fail. It takes courage to step on to a battle field. And courage to live after the horrors they encounter…another battlefield.
    Thanks for sharing Joni. 💜🙏

    1. My dear friend Nigel. First thank you for reading as I know you were trying to get some rest, don’t think you ever did, but thank you so much for reading and all your lovely and thoughtful comments. It means so very much to me dear friend. Sending my love. 🌹❤️🌹

      1. girl.. I dont rest. But I took a break from writing. Just poems, which usually means Im in a funk. But I am alright. spending time with my grown nephews chatting about the footie…soccer.

      2. I will pray that you are lifted up. Also, when we read your beautiful poem Armistice, which was excellent, I told Scott I can tell your heart is sad. Enjoy family and thank God you have extended family. That time is such a precious gift 🎁 love you my friend. 🤗🇺🇸

      3. Well the funk must be your muse for poetry because it is really good. You too, are always in our thoughts and prayers. Big hugs and love, Joni

    1. Thank you so much for your reading and your kind response. I would like to see a world without war. What a beautiful that world would be🦋 Thank you for your service to our country as well my dear friend🤗

  12. Not much else to say here Joni except that was a typically beautiful and evocative poem! 👌♥️😁👏 And Amen! to everything you said re: the many brave souls who have laid down their lives for our freedom! 👍💯😁

    1. Thank you Ken. You have truly touched on those who never came home. Many women who died never knowing what happened to the men they loved. Many hugs and blessings my friend. 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  13. Beautiful and moving writing, Joni. We all owe a debt we can’t repay, and I agree with you: we need to stop killing each other and choose peace instead. It’s a lofty dream, but the alternative is unthinkable. This is a wonderful tribute to those who made the ultimate sacrifice. 🙂

    1. Dearest Mike, thank you for always reading me. You are so right. I am sad about all those people that are dying around the world even as I write this. Blessings to you my talented friend, sending loving hugs

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