she stares – an ameri-ku

Photo by Joni Caggiano – This is part of a beautiful sculpture called, “The Gossips” – read below for details

Flat black hat resting as it frames
this exquisite yet somber and mournful face, 

her elongated legs and arms
stretching, as if an iron highway to nowhere

lingering in a world of death
her other half, a year ago, took his last breath

This beautiful sculpture was created by Louise McDowell.  It is cast bronze completed in 1996 in the City of Kirkland, Washington (in Peter Kirk Park).  There are three women in the statue but this particular woman’s face truly called to me.  I was mesmerized by her intense facial features and found her to be a beautiful piece of work.  I hope you enjoy her.  I am into my second month visiting with daughter and family.  Thank you all for reading my work.  I usually never close comments but I am trying to use this time, along with my husband, to find a house close to here.  Time with family that lives so far away is such a gift.  

The Ameri-Ku/Euro-Ku is a style of poetry created by Francisco Bravo Cabrera (aka Valenciartist). This style is an homage to the traditional Japanese Haiku that highlights aspects of American/European/Western culture.