my new poem “collective heritage” live on MasticadoresIndia ( Now called ChewersMasticadores )

Photograph by Skyler Ewing – On Pexels Great shot of a Bald Eagle by this photographer

sparkling eyes jump to blue skies
laughter cracking like popcorn
off pinecones while the sun sighs

an echo, a reflection of my face
joy creates sunbeams in her smile
a bald eagle spots us in this place

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29 thoughts on “my new poem “collective heritage” live on MasticadoresIndia ( Now called ChewersMasticadores )

  1. Georgeous imagery and poignant words.
    I love the imagery in…
    “laughter cracking like popcorn
    off pinecones while the sun sighs”
    The dichotomy of reflection and the hope of faith. Powerful poetry my friend.
    Congratulations on your publication.

    1. Thank you so much my friend for the kind words. This was written about a Thanksgiving day with Scott and my daughter and all the family. The little ones had a little touch football and I got to walk and enjoy the time with her and the grandchildren. Sending you both my love. ❤️Joni

    1. Thank you Tim I appreciate it. I am sure they would love to have any of your photography. They are looking for new folks. You can sell your photography with no commission too. So they do have some amazing photographers but no one better than you. I am sure you could be published there if you applied. You are an amazingly gifted man. Big hugs And love Joni 🤗❤️🦋

  2. Beautiful writing, Joni. The bonds that branch out and make existence a loving and secure proposition. Your writing and support are greatly appreciated. Thank you. 🙂

  3. Congrats on this piece Joni. It is a beautiful thing to read. Loved the pic of the eagle too! Love you

  4. Stunning lines so visual and joyful Joni
    “braided red locks bouncing off tight curvy hips

    singing freestyle, making up my own fly spits”

    You are so gifted with words my friend!
    Heading to read the rest! 💖🌈

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