Live on Spillwords “Spotlight on Writers – Joni Caggiano”

I am honored to be interviewed on Spillwords NYC.  If you like my work and are curious about my life please visit the link above.   If you enjoyed learning more about what makes me tick, please show me some love by clicking on the little heart.  To see my author page on Spillwords NYC click the link and be sure to show more love by clicking on the heart if you like my work.  Your support means the world to me.  Having Spillwords validate me as an author worthy of publication back in March of 2020 has been a blessing in my life.   I have met so many talented individuals in their beautiful publication. 

96 thoughts on “Live on Spillwords “Spotlight on Writers – Joni Caggiano”

  1. I love this interview with you & your life experiences & how you overcame trauma, to be a beautiful person with so many talents. I’m proud to call you my precious friend & I simply adore you Joni.

    1. Oh Janette you are such a dear friend. You have been such a rock of a friend and encouraged me from the beginning with my writing. I love you my dearest friend. I love you ❤️ Joni

  2. That’s great, dear Joni….many congratulations to you…..lovely pictures of you…..keep expressing from your heart & sharing your wisdom….much love ❤️ ✨

  3. Excellent interview, Joni. Well spoken points of view. It’s so sad that you had to grow up in an abusive environment. It shows on your forlorn look in the photo of when you where a lovely young woman. You remind me of a sad Mona Lisa in that photo. You are lovely in the photo of you dressed in blue and red with your rose gold MacBook. Laurie had a rose gold MacBook that she loved dearly. We had to replaced it with a MacBook Air M1 because all the online teaching started overheating her MacBook to the point it would stop working until it cooled down. You are a strong woman, a kind and loving person. Your poetry is wonderful and you are loved by all of us in this blogging community.

    1. Thank you so much my friend Tim. You have made me cry but they are tears of joy. I was a senior in that picture. In fact it was my Sr. Picture. My husband said I looked like the Mona Lisa as well. You have touched my heart dearly Tim. I love my rose gold MacBook and rose IPhone.

      “Your poetry is wonderful and you are loved by all of us in this blogging community.”

      You have touched my heart in a very tender way, I don’t know if you know how much your words meant to me. You two have a lovely weekend on your beautiful land. Love you both. ❤️Joni

  4. I love the beautiful photo of you💖. I want to click on the hearts but couldn’t locate them, I’ll try again after I leave work :).

    1. Oh Judy you are such a sweetheart. After you click on the link they are right at the top. Don’t you worry though, it is much more important that you have a blessed Saturday and get some rest my dear friend. Love you, sending hugs and love always ❤️🤗Joni

  5. A wonderful interview sharing a greater insight into your life and loves. You are so very deserving of the recognition. I have watched your poetry grow and blossom over the short period of time we have known each other. I could not be more proud of all your success. You keep being the loving and beautiful you, Jonikins! Much love!

    1. Brad thank you so much for your very thoughtful words. What you say truly does mean so much as you have been a mentor of mine.

      “I could not be more proud of all your success”

      Those words mean more than you know Brad. Thank you so much for all your love and kindness. It means the world.
      Sending lots of love to you always my dear friend. ❤️🤗😘Jonikins

  6. You are a very passionate and profound writer and you work very hard to be the talented and sensitive poet that you are. It is a blessing to have befriended you through this WP means. Lots of love from Spain to you and your husband,
    And all the best,

    1. Francisco another mentor and person I respect greatly. I feel blessed to have befriended you as well. An amazing poet, photographer and an incredibly gifted painter. Thank you so much for all your lovely words dear Francisco. They mean the world to me, every one. Sending flowers, love and blessings to you both on this Sunday. Love ❤️ Joni

  7. My dear Joni. I hope you know just what an inspiration you are to me and to anyone that reads your poetry. Reading this synopsis of you… highlighted your multitudes of strengths and your depth of beauty, inside and out. I loved seeing the photos of you, you are so beautiful and your features so expressive, I see so much written in your eyes and in your heart. And your write those things down for those of us lucky enough to have the privilege to read them.

    Sending you lots of love my friend ❤️❤️❤️

    1. Hello my dearest Rachel. Your words are always so kind and I am honored that you read me. I appreciate you and was thinking about your writings and if you are back on. I will be looking for you today. I have been hoping you would jump
      Back on as your work touches my souls in a profound manner. I
      Can not think you enough for reaching out. I am sending back even more love to you my
      Friend. Love and gratitude for your kindness. 🤗❤️😘🌺💕🌹💝🦋

      1. You are so welcome and so deserving. I’m not sure if I’ll be able to post this week, but hopefully next week at least. I hope you’re having a wonderful day 🌸🌺🍇🍉😘 xxx

      2. Oh that would be wonderful. I went into you sight and thought perhaps you had written, it is exciting that you may post again soon. I will be looking for it. Lots of people will be happy to see you on-line again. Sending you lots of love my dearest Rachel. Love you xoxoxoxo Joni

  8. I am so happy that you have been profiled, Joni. Your language is lush; your subject matter both moving and profound. May your audience continue to increase! Sending much love your way, A.

    1. Thank you so much dear Anna. I am grateful to be recognized. However the friends I have made as a blogger are such a blessing in my life.

      Anna thank you so much for your kindness and for reading my work. Sending love, hopes and prayers.

  9. Congratulations honeybun. Great interview. You are a strong person and a great writer and you deserve lots of accolades. Sending love and blessings… and flowers..
    Make sure you celebrate.

    1. Good afternoon dearest Button, Thank you so much for your kind and loving comment. I appreciate all you loving words and they mean a lot as always. Thank you so much for the blessings and flowers, they certainly made me smile and I can smell the sweet flowers. Sending much love right back to you, Honeybun xoxoxoxo

      1. I am glad. I sent it one minute delivery by my amazing fairies. They will stay with you till your arm get’s well one way or the other, of course I suspect God will be working that problem for us. They are coming to help you with your work and take dictation. Love you sweetheart. xoxoxoxo

  10. Congratulations….A wonderful interview, Joni❤️ warm wishes and prayers for the strong loving person you’re. May your words continue to inspire more and more 🥰

    1. Thank you so very much. I feel so blessed every time I am published by their wonderful NYC Digital Publication. It is a bright light for me. I do appreciate your reading and commenting so much. May you and your loved ones have a blessed week. Love and Hugs, Joni

    1. You are so sweet my dear friend. Thank you so much for reading and commenting. I appreciate the love so much, I am sending you baskets of white lilies that will not turn brown and they will never die. Have an amazing week dear friend. Love and hugs, Joni xoxoxo

  11. Another fantastic interview, congratulations on your feature on Spillwords!!! I absolutely adore those photos of you, so beautiful now, and as a child! Your eyes speak volumes, I can not help but connect with you even more, Joni! Keep up the great work, your talent is incredible!🥰💖👏

    1. Thank you Tiffany you touch my heart which I do wear upon my sleeve. Thank you for your gracious comments about the photos. My husband always said I looked like the Mona Lisa. Timothy Price a dear friend of yours also, said the same thing. My eyes almost always looked sad. Ditto on the subject of work my friend. Sending love and hugs and blessings always. ❤️🤗😘💝🌺🌹

    1. Thank you so very much. I don’t know why this was not in my reader. I really appreciate your thoughtful comments. Have an amazing weekend. xoxoxo Joni

    1. Oh thank you so much. Yes it is an honor indeed to be on the beautiful pages of Spillwords Press NYC Publication. You are very kind Shweta. Thank you so much. I am grateful to everyone who reads my work. I think we all
      just want to be read and heard. Sending you tons of love, hugs and blessings. ❤️🤗😘❤️🤗Joni

      1. It’s a great honour indeed. Do keep writing. Yes, I think we all want to be read and heard. Sending lots of love, hugs and blessings your way too 😍🤗🥰❤️😃

  12. I don’t remember seeing the picture of yourself with the blue top & red dress before when I first read this post. You look like a dainty fairy princess, no wonder you have so many fairies that you loan to others, they love you too!

    1. Oh my dear Janette you are so sweet. Finding time to read a post with everything you have been dealing with, such a truer friend was never known. I love you so much and miss you terribly. I so wish we could see each other more than every ten years or so. Hopefully within the next two years, think goodness for the phone. Sending you love and give the fairies my love, they will always live with you now, thank goodness I have many more that find their way here from the forest. Love you Janette xoxoxoxo Your forever friend, Joni

      1. I always have time for you sweet Joni & your poems. The fairies traveled with me to our cabin in Montana. It’s been hot, so they lick my skin while I’m outside, for salt & my vanilla lotion. They also are on watch for the griz sow & her twins in our area to keep us safe. Love you so much!!!

      2. Oh Janette for some reason this ended up in the pending comment file, I don’t know why. I am so grateful for you lovely comments, you know how much I respect your opinions. I am glad the fairies are keeping you more comfortable my sweet friend. They love you, they know we are related on a very deep level. They also love vanilla, if you are baking they will just turn the bottle over and help themselves. Please be careful my friend, I know you are incredibly brave but if you venture out too far from the cabin I hope you will be so careful and also that you go with your honey. The fairies can scream and sing high notes while flying around the grizzly’s ears but I don’t think that would save you. Scott just told me it is 121 in a part of Canada, the highest temperature in Canada. In the Tri-Cities it was 115 one day. Those climate deniers I wonder what they say about these temperatures. Love you Janette – be safe

    1. Thank you so much Kinge. I so appreciate your reading. I felt very honored to be recognized by Spillwords Press NYC. You are very gracious. ❤️ It means a lot to me. Joni

      1. Welcome. It is an honour well deserved. Your writing is really powerful, creative and impactful. Keep blossoming ❤

      2. You are indeed very kind.

        “It is an honor well deserved. Your writing is really powerful, creative and impactful.”

        This is such a thoughtful thing to say. It means a lot to me. I appreciate your kindness very much.

        Love to you and your family. ❤️🤗Joni

    1. Thank you for your very gracious kindness and I appreciate so much for your reading my interview. I was very honored. Hugs 🤗 and love ❤️ Joni

  13. Hi Joni! How beautiful you look and are in Spillwords’ literary honor! Will check out your updates. Sending you coffee🍮🍮🥐 and treats 💞💞💞 on a penmanship of love!✍️🎼📚

    1. Oh how incredibly sweet my friend. You are very kind and your words are like sugar on my cheeks. It is a literary honor, thank you. Boy I am working away this morning and haven’t had my first cup of coffee yet and I am needed it for sure. Thank you for the penmanship of love, what a precious gift. Thanks for the treats and the coffee just made it, thank goodness. Sending love and cups of a special blend of coffee for you to try. Love, hugs and blessings my friend. xoxoxoxoxo

  14. So well deserved and what an honor that you are so deserving of Joni.
    I love your favorite word LOVE (of course) used in your quote.
    You are strong, you are a survivor alright, so talented and beautiful inside and out full of expression and love over coming what never should have been.
    I am proud and honored to be your friend💖💖❣️
    Bask in this great reflection of your soul and life work. 👏👏👏👏👏👏 big love ❤️

    1. Dear Cindy you are such a sweetheart, thank you for all your gracious words as they mean a lot. I am proud and honored to be your friend. You have such a light about you and people see it too. You are a blessing in my life. Spillwords has been awfully good to me and I am grateful for this interview. Sending you a lot of love Cindy and I am so happy you are feeling better. xoxoxoxo

    1. Thank you John for your very kind comments. You won’t find me far from our little acre and a half with all the lush growth. We have a group of twelve deer that feed often in our backyard. It is nice to only an hour and a half from the coast too. The water calls to me as it does to you. Sending love ❤️ Joni

      1. That isn’t a lot of work for you as you write so much. Well enjoy your creative process and your time off. Love ❤️ your friend from NC. ❤️🤗🦋😘

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